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Product Surveys

PureData Product Surveys

We have a substantial and constantly up-dated Product Survey database which clients can access on an ad hoc basis. Survey Databases cover Products which are the output objects of Industries, companies & organisations.

Products are Goods, Services and Activities.

Products are analysed at Producer, Wholesaler, Distributor, Retailer and End User levels.

Products are analysed at generic, unbranded, own-brand, branded and named brand levels.

Data can be cross-referenced and correlated to produce significant relational matrices and analyses.

These surveys cover many areas, including:-

Named Brand Product Adverse
        Perceptions & Factors Surveys

Named Brand Product Customer
        Opinion Surveys

Named Brand Product Customer
        Satisfaction Surveys

Named Brand Product Design Surveys

Named Brand Product Management

Named Brand Product Performance

Named Brand Product Value Surveys

New Product Launch

New Products

Product Account Marketing

Product Advertising

Product Benefits

Product Brand Management

Product Branding

Product Build / Assembly

Product Competition

Product Compliance

Product Consumers

Product Conception

Product Critical Path

Product Data

Product Delivery

Product Design

Product Details

Product Differentiation

Product Direct marketing

Product Disposal

Poduct Distribution

Product Documentation

Product End Users

Product Engineering Product Ethics

Product Feasibility

Product Handling

Product Ideas

Product Improvement

Product Integration

Product Internet marketing

Product Key Drivers

Product Launch

Product Life Cycle

Product Lines

Product Maintenance & Support

Product Management

Product Manufacturing

Product Market Dominance

Product Market Requirements

Product Market Research

Product Market Segmentation

Product Marketing

Product Marketing Effectiveness

Product Marketing Management

Product Marketing Strategy

Product Monitoring

Product Optimization

Product Ordering

Product Personal Sales

Product Placement

Product Plan Manufacturing

Product Planning

Product Point of sale

Product Positioning

Product Pricing

Product Print & Packaging

Product Promotion

Product Promotional items

Product Propaganda

Product Prototyping Costs

Product Publications

Product Publicity

Product Quality

Product Realization

Product Recycling

Product Retail

Product Revenue Contributions

Product Roadmaps

Product Sales Opportunities

Product Sales promotion

Product Scoping & Definition

Product Segmentation

Product Selling

Product Service

Product Software

Product Simulation

Product Specification

Product Start-Up

Product Statistics

Product Technology

Product Testing

Product Time To Market

Product Tool Design

Product Underwriting

Product Usage

Product Validation & Analysis

Product Waste

Product Workflows



Product Surveys