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Financial Performance Reports

Fundamental Financial data on over 1,000,000 companies throughout the World.

The Financial Performance Report on a Target Company is primarily focused on the obstacles and opportunities presented to financial executives in formulating their corporate plans. In order to expedite decision making and planning the report provides an analysis and evaluation of all possible consequences and perspectives confronted by the company.

The reports analyse all the elements and aspects of the company, its finances, operations, products & services, competitor response, markets & geographic options. This is done over time and shows past performance, future performance prognosis and the effects of financial decisions and expenditure on the company's sales and profits in light of, and in interaction with, the overall financial and market conditions.

The primary aim of the reports is to implement an exhaustive and extensive document which supplies all the data necessary to make the fundamental financial decisions for the company.

The Financial Performance Report on a company can probably tell you more about the Company's Financial Performance - Past and Future - than can any other source.


The EICD Financial Performance Reports are intended to provide a thorough assessment of the Target Company's Financial Performance.

The objectives of these reports and the data provided are unique and no equivalent reports presently exist elsewhere in the world.

The Financial Performance reports are supplied in 4 volumes comprising of about 1,500 pages.

As EICD reports are compiled from computer databases the examination of company finances contained in these reports is dependable and explicit and the objectivity and analysis is dramatically superior to that of a manually produced report where one has to rely on individual financial analysts and their opinions.

For these reasons readers state that EICD reports are a more reliable product than that offered by ordinary Management Consultant's or Financial Analysts reports.

EICD are currently the only organisation publishing hard, factual information which will genuinely help companies overcome their financial predicaments and at the same time encompass the advantages of the European Union market, the integration of world economies and the reactions of the U.S.A. and the Asian economies.

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Financial Performance Reports

Financial Performance Reports