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PureData Surveys

Company Surveys are available on  all public companies and many private limited companies, various types of private firms and enterprises, plus public sector enterprises.  These surveys are on individual companies and enterprises and produced as standalone or individual databases.

Company Surveys can by order individually or as a group or series.

1.  Company Image Surveys

   The Image Surveys give a tabular & graphic analysis of the prevalent image of the Company in terms of customers, distribution channels & competitors. Overall National Surveys are provided as a point of comparison. A Company can greatly benefit from knowing what their customers think and how the company might improve products or services.

2.  Company Performance Surveys

   Performance Surveys include: Credibility, Customer Confidence, Reputation, Staff Efficiency & Performance, Integrity, Truth + Honesty, Written + Verbal Communications, Customer service - Handling - Complaints - Problems, Comprehension + Awareness of Product, Customer Response + Information, Promotion, Advertising, Documentation, Contracts. Current & Forecast Data.

3.  Company Competitiveness Surveys

   Competitiveness Surveys include: Status,  Standing, Competitiveness, Operations, Manpower, Costs, Margins, Products, Managers, Corporate, Distribution, Customers, Marketing, Competition, Reputation, Promotion, Competence. Current & Forecast Data.

4.  Company Market, Distribution and Customer Surveys

   Market, Distribution and Customer Surveys: The Surveys cover over 600 vital questions. Analysis isolates the person behind the purchase decisions (at various levels) and analyses the situation before, during and after the purchase.
  - END USERS + CONSUMERS: Data by Country, Company, Division by each Consumer Question.

  - BUYERS: Data for Buyers by each Country, Company, Division by each BUYER Question.

  - CONSUMER OR BUYER LEVEL: The Buyer Profile is a matrix

by YEAR & by AGE Group (7 ranges)

by Social Class (6 ranges)  

by Geographic Location.

Current & Forecast Data.

  - DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS: by Country, Company, Division by each Distribution Question.

5.  Company National Market Performance Surveys

   National Surveys include: National Surveys are given to enable one to compare and evaluate the Company's survey results with the National averages and norms. National Surveys can also be regarded as being the Competitive averages for each National market - thus one can see the relative performance of the Company in the market-place. In competitive markets, Image and Customer Surveys on the competitors isolate and identify problem areas for the competitors and thereby identify opportunities for the Company. National Surveys cover all the topics mentioned above for the Company Image Surveys.

6.  Company Operations Surveys

   Operations Surveys include: The information in this section is based on the results of surveys and similar research amongst the Customers, Branch Networks & Distribution Channels, Buyers and Suppliers of the Company. The data is given relative to the Subsidiary, Division, Unit or Market sectors

7.  Company Business Performance & Customer Opinion Surveys

   Comparative data on the company's main competitors in their area/s of operation.  Comparative data on the distribution performance with that of the competitors. Comparative data for the products and services.  Business performance data on the company's most important operational activities. Client opinion data on the company's most important products and services. The company's staff perceptions of their company.

8.  Company Financial & Credit Surveys

   These surveys give a detailed breakdown of the company's financial profit and loss, balance sheet, and operational costs and margins, plus a comparison with the industry norms.

9.  Company Customer Control Surveys

   Customer Control Surveys are a customer location, screening, control and attack tool which identifies specific customer targets for the company, and how to control those customer bases.

10.  Company Management & Personnel Surveys

   Management & Personnel Surveys examine the company under the following headings: Directors & Principals, Senior Managers & Line Managers, General Staff, Personnel Quality & Performance, Personnel Compensation Policy & Retention Rates & Recruitment.

11.  Company Adverse Factors Surveys

   These surveys analyse the negative factors which may be evident in the operation of the company. The data relates to the preceding 10 years. The data is logged to determine if these factors are a result of company policy or individual staff members. The information is given under 6 headings: Customer Complaints, Product & Service Failure, Regulatory & Compliance Misdemeanours / Enforcement, Standards & Quality Lapses, Abuse of Position, & Press Coverage / Public & Legal Record.

12.  Industry Performance Surveys

   Industry Performance Surveys include:: Analyses of a large number of questions on the specific Performance of the Companies within the Industry.

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