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These Summary Reports are an extract of the main database and provides a number of limited datasets for each of the countries covered. For users needing more information, detailed data is available in several Database versions. Users can order (at a discount) any other Database Edition, as required from the After-Sales Service or from any Dealer.

Summary Reports

The Summary Reports cover between 100-150 countries and provide over 500 tables of hard data:

The Summary Reports are a convenient, cost effective, starting point from which to analyse the Markets in question.

The financial data shows the profitability and margins of the companies in the business sector, their past and likely future performance, and all the financial balance sheets items, ratios and margins which define the companies.

The Industry data covers a range of topics including: industry norms, expenditures, investments, buyer profiling, et al.

The Summary Reports have between 500-2,000 pages.

Years covered:  Historic data for the past 7 years, and Forecast data for the next 7 years.

Updated: Monthly.

Upgrade: Upgrade to a Database Edition at a reduced price.

Market Data in US$

Market data is given in US$ for each Country, by each Product listed, by each Year. Historic data for the past 7 years, and Forecast data for the next 7 years.


There are over 500 Tables in the report which gives Market, Financial and Industry data for each country, for each Year.

  1. World Market Historic : US$ Million
  2. World Market Forecast : US$ Million
  3. Canada & USA Market Historic : US$ Mill
  4. Canada & USA Market Forecast : US$ Mill
  5. Central America Market Historic : US$ Mill
  6. Central America Market Forecast : US$ M
  7. South America Market Historic : US$ Mill
  8. South America Market Forecast : US$ Mill
  9. Europe Market Historic : US$ Million
10. Europe Market Forecast : US$ Million
11. Eurasia Market Historic : US$ Million
12. Eurasia Market Forecast : US$ Million
13. Middle East Market Historic : US$ Million
14. Middle East Market Forecast : US$ Million
15. Africa Market Historic : US$ Million
16. Africa Market Forecast : US$ Million
17. Asia Market Historic : US$ Million
18. Asia Market Forecast : US$ Million
19. Oceania Market Historic : US$ Million
20. Oceania Market Forecast : US$ Million
 21. Algeria Market Historic : US$ Million
 22. Algeria Market Forecast : US$ Million
 23. Algeria Financials Historic
 24. Algeria Financials Forecast
 25. Algeria Industry Norms
 26. Argentina Market Historic : US$ Million
 27. Argentina Market Forecast : US$ Million
 28. Argentina Financials Historic
 29. Argentina Financials Forecast
 30. Argentina Industry Norms
 31. Australia Market Historic : US$ Million
 32. Australia Market Forecast : US$ Million
 33. Australia Financials Historic
 34. Australia Financials Forecast
 35. Australia Industry Norms
 36. Austria Market Historic : US$ Million
 37. Austria Market Forecast : US$ Million
 38. Austria Financials Historic
 39. Austria Financials Forecast
 40. Austria Industry Norms
 41. Azerbaijan Market Historic : US$ Million
 42. Azerbaijan Market Forecast : US$ Million
 43. Azerbaijan Financials Historic
 44. Azerbaijan Financials Forecast
 45. Azerbaijan Industry Norms
 46. Bahrain Market Historic : US$ Million
 47. Bahrain Market Forecast : US$ Million
 48. Bahrain Financials Historic
 49. Bahrain Financials Forecast
 50. Bahrain Industry Norms
 51. Bangladesh Market Historic : US$ Million
 52. Bangladesh Market Forecast : US$ Million
 53. Bangladesh Financials Historic
 54. Bangladesh Financials Forecast
 55. Bangladesh Industry Norms
 56. Belarus Market Historic : US$ Million
 57. Belarus Market Forecast : US$ Million
 58. Belarus Financials Historic
 59. Belarus Financials Forecast
 60. Belarus Industry Norms
 61. Belgium Market Historic : US$ Million
 62. Belgium Market Forecast : US$ Million
 63. Belgium Financials Historic
 64. Belgium Financials Forecast
 65. Belgium Industry Norms
 66. Bolivia Market Historic : US$ Million
 67. Bolivia Market Forecast : US$ Million
 68. Bolivia Financials Historic
 69. Bolivia Financials Forecast
 70. Bolivia Industry Norms
 71. Bosnia & Herz. Market Historic : US$ Mill
 72. Bosnia & Herz Market Forecast : US$ Mill
 73. Bosnia + Herz Financials Historic
 74. Bosnia + Herz Financials Forecast
 75. Bosnia + Herzegovina Industry Norms
 76. Botswana Market Historic : US$ Million
 77. Botswana Market Forecast : US$ Million
 78. Botswana Financials Historic
 79. Botswana Financials Forecast
 80. Botswana Industry Norms
 81. Brazil Market Historic : US$ Million
 82. Brazil Market Forecast : US$ Million
 83. Brazil Financials Historic
 84. Brazil Financials Forecast
 85. Brazil Industry Norms
 86. Bulgaria Market Historic : US$ Million
 87. Bulgaria Market Forecast : US$ Million
 88. Bulgaria Financials Historic
 89. Bulgaria Financials Forecast
 90. Bulgaria Industry Norms
 91. Cambodia Market Historic : US$ Million
 92. Cambodia Market Forecast : US$ Million
 93. Cambodia Financials Historic
 94. Cambodia Financials Forecast
 95. Cambodia Industry Norms
 96. Canada Market Historic : US$ Million
 97. Canada Market Forecast : US$ Million
 98. Canada Financials Historic
 99. Canada Financials Forecast
100. Canada Industry Norms
101. Chile Market Historic : US$ Million
102. Chile Market Forecast : US$ Million
103. Chile Financials Historic
104. Chile Financials Forecast
105. Chile Industry Norms
106. China Market Historic : US$ Million
107. China Market Forecast : US$ Million
108. China Financials Historic
109. China Financials Forecast
110. China Industry Norms
111. Colombia Market Historic : US$ Million
112. Colombia Market Forecast : US$ Million
113. Colombia Financials Historic
114. Colombia Financials Forecast
115. Colombia Industry Norms
116. Costa Rica Market Historic : US$ Million
117. Costa Rica Market Forecast : US$ Million
118. Costa Rica Financials Historic
119. Costa Rica Financials Forecast
120. Costa Rica Industry Norms
121. Croatia Market Historic : US$ Million
122. Croatia Market Forecast : US$ Million
123. Croatia Financials Historic
124. Croatia Financials Forecast
125. Croatia Industry Norms
126. Cuba Market Historic : US$ Million
127. Cuba Market Forecast : US$ Million
128. Cuba Financials Historic
129. Cuba Financials Forecast
130. Cuba Industry Norms
131. Cyprus Market Historic : US$ Million
132. Cyprus Market Forecast : US$ Million
133. Cyprus Financials Historic
134. Cyprus Financials Forecast
135. Cyprus Industry Norms
136. Czech Republic Market Historic : US$ M
137. Czech Republic Market Forecast : US$ M
138. Czech Republic Financials Historic
139. Czech Republic Financials Forecast
140. Czech Republic Industry Norms
141. Denmark Market Historic : US$ Million
142. Denmark Market Forecast : US$ Million
143. Denmark Financials Historic
144. Denmark Financials Forecast
145. Denmark Industry Norms
146. Ecuador Market Historic : US$ Million
147. Ecuador Market Forecast : US$ Million
148. Ecuador Financials Historic
149. Ecuador Financials Forecast
150. Ecuador Industry Norms
151. Egypt Market Historic : US$ Million
152. Egypt Market Forecast : US$ Million
153. Egypt Financials Historic
154. Egypt Financials Forecast
155. Egypt Industry Norms
156. El Salvador Market Historic : US$ Million
157. El Salvador Market Forecast : US$ Million
158. El Salvador Financials Historic
159. El Salvador Financials Forecast
160. El Salvador Industry Norms
161. Estonia Market Historic : US$ Million
162. Estonia Market Forecast : US$ Million
163. Estonia Financials Historic
164. Estonia Financials Forecast
165. Estonia Industry Norms
166. Finland Market Historic : US$ Million
167. Finland Market Forecast : US$ Million
168. Finland Financials Historic
169. Finland Financials Forecast
170. Finland Industry Norms
171. France Market Historic : US$ Million
172. France Market Forecast : US$ Million
173. France Financials Historic
174. France Financials Forecast
175. France Industry Norms
176. French Guiana Market Historic : US$ Mill
177. French Guiana Market Forecast : US$ Ml
178. French Guiana Financials Historic
179. French Guiana Financials Forecast
180. French Guiana Industry Norms
181. Georgia Market Historic : US$ Million
182. Georgia Market Forecast : US$ Million
183. Georgia Financials Historic
184. Georgia Financials Forecast
185. Georgia Industry Norms
186. Germany Market Historic : US$ Million
187. Germany Market Forecast : US$ Million
188. Germany Financials Historic
189. Germany Financials Forecast
190. Germany Industry Norms
191. Ghana Market Historic : US$ Million
192. Ghana Market Forecast : US$ Million
193. Ghana Financials Historic
194. Ghana Financials Forecast
195. Ghana Industry Norms
196. Greece Market Historic : US$ Million
197. Greece Market Forecast : US$ Million
198. Greece Financials Historic
199. Greece Financials Forecast
200. Greece Industry Norms
201. Guyana Market Historic : US$ Million
202. Guyana Market Forecast : US$ Million
203. Guyana Financials Historic
204. Guyana Financials Forecast
205. Guyana Industry Norms
206. Honduras Market Historic : US$ Million
207. Honduras Market Forecast : US$ Million
208. Honduras Financials Historic
209. Honduras Financials Forecast
210. Honduras Industry Norms
211. Hong Kong Market Historic : US$ Million
212. Hong Kong Market Forecast : US$ Million
213. Hong Kong Financials Historic
214. Hong Kong Financials Forecast
215. Hong Kong Industry Norms
216. Hungary Market Historic : US$ Million
217. Hungary Market Forecast : US$ Million
218. Hungary Financials Historic
219. Hungary Financials Forecast
220. Hungary Industry Norms
221. Iceland Market Historic : US$ Million
222. Iceland Market Forecast : US$ Million
223. Iceland Financials Historic
224. Iceland Financials Forecast
225. Iceland Industry Norms
226. India Market Historic : US$ Million
227. India Market Forecast : US$ Million
228. India Financials Historic
229. India Financials Forecast
230. India Industry Norms
231. Indonesia Market Historic : US$ Million
232. Indonesia Market Forecast : US$ Million
233. Indonesia Financials Historic
234. Indonesia Financials Forecast
235. Indonesia Industry Norms
236. Iran Market Historic : US$ Million
237. Iran Market Forecast : US$ Million
238. Iran Financials Historic
239. Iran Financials Forecast
240. Iran Industry Norms
241. Ireland Market Historic : US$ Million
242. Ireland Market Forecast : US$ Million
243. Ireland Financials Historic
244. Ireland Financials Forecast
245. Ireland Industry Norms
246. Israel Market Historic : US$ Million
247. Israel Market Forecast : US$ Million
248. Israel Financials Historic
249. Israel Financials Forecast
250. Israel Industry Norms
251. Italy Market Historic : US$ Million
252. Italy Market Forecast : US$ Million
253. Italy Financials Historic
254. Italy Financials Forecast
255. Italy Industry Norms
256. Jamaica Market Historic : US$ Million
257. Jamaica Market Forecast : US$ Million
258. Jamaica Financials Historic
259. Jamaica Financials Forecast
260. Jamaica Industry Norms
261. Japan Market Historic : US$ Million
262. Japan Market Forecast : US$ Million
263. Japan Financials Historic
264. Japan Financials Forecast
265. Japan Industry Norms
266. Kazakhstan Market Historic : US$ Million
267. Kazakhstan Market Forecast : US$ Mill
268. Kazakhstan Financials Historic
269. Kazakhstan Financials Forecast
270. Kazakhstan Industry Norms
271. Kenya Market Historic : US$ Million
272. Kenya Market Forecast : US$ Million
273. Kenya Financials Historic
274. Kenya Financials Forecast
275. Kenya Industry Norms
276. Kuwait Market Historic : US$ Million
277. Kuwait Market Forecast : US$ Million
278. Kuwait Financials Historic
279. Kuwait Financials Forecast
280. Kuwait Industry Norms
276. Kuwait Market Historic : US$ Million
277. Kuwait Market Forecast : US$ Million
278. Kuwait Financials Historic
279. Kuwait Financials Forecast
280. Kuwait Industry Norms
281. Kyrgyzstan Market Historic : US$ Million
282. Kyrgyzstan Market Forecast : US$ Million
283. Kyrgyzstan Financials Historic
284. Kyrgyzstan Financials Forecast
285. Kyrgyzstan Industry Norms
286. Laos Market Historic : US$ Million
287. Laos Market Forecast : US$ Million
288. Laos Financials Historic
289. Laos Financials Forecast
290. Laos Industry Norms
291. Latvia Market Historic : US$ Million
292. Latvia Market Forecast : US$ Million
293. Latvia Financials Historic
294. Latvia Financials Forecast
295. Latvia Industry Norms
296. Lebanon Market Historic : US$ Million
297. Lebanon Market Forecast : US$ Million
298. Lebanon Financials Historic
299. Lebanon Financials Forecast
300. Lebanon Industry Norms
301. Lithuania Market Historic : US$ Million
302. Lithuania Market Forecast : US$ Million
303. Lithuania Financials Historic
304. Lithuania Financials Forecast
305. Lithuania Industry Norms
306. Luxembourg Market Historic : US$ Million
307. Luxembourg Market Forecast : US$ Million
308. Luxembourg Financials Historic
309. Luxembourg Financials Forecast
310. Luxembourg Industry Norms
311. Malawi Market Historic : US$ Million
312. Malawi Market Forecast : US$ Million
313. Malawi Financials Historic
314. Malawi Financials Forecast
315. Malawi Industry Norms
316. Malaysia Market Historic : US$ Million
317. Malaysia Market Forecast : US$ Million
318. Malaysia Financials Historic
319. Malaysia Financials Forecast
320. Malaysia Industry Norms
321. Mexico Market Historic : US$ Million
322. Mexico Market Forecast : US$ Million
323. Mexico Financials Historic
324. Mexico Financials Forecast
325. Mexico Industry Norms
326. Morocco Market Historic : US$ Million
327. Morocco Market Forecast : US$ Million
328. Morocco Financials Historic
329. Morocco Financials Forecast
330. Morocco Industry Norms
331. Netherlands Market Historic : US$ Million
332. Netherlands Market Forecast : US$ Million
333. Netherlands Financials Historic
334. Netherlands Financials Forecast
335. Netherlands Industry Norms
336. New Zealand Market Historic : US$ Million
337. New Zealand Market Forecast : US$ Million
338. New Zealand Financials Historic
339. New Zealand Financials Forecast
340. New Zealand Industry Norms
341. Nicaragua Market Historic : US$ Million
342. Nicaragua Market Forecast : US$ Million
343. Nicaragua Financials Historic
344. Nicaragua Financials Forecast
345. Nicaragua Industry Norms
346. Nigeria Market Historic : US$ Million
347. Nigeria Market Forecast : US$ Million
348. Nigeria Financials Historic
349. Nigeria Financials Forecast
350. Nigeria Industry Norms
351. Norway Market Historic : US$ Million
352. Norway Market Forecast : US$ Million
353. Norway Financials Historic
354. Norway Financials Forecast
355. Norway Industry Norms
356. Pakistan Market Historic : US$ Million
357. Pakistan Market Forecast : US$ Million
358. Pakistan Financials Historic
359. Pakistan Financials Forecast
360. Pakistan Industry Norms
361. Panama Market Historic : US$ Million
362. Panama Market Forecast : US$ Million
363. Panama Financials Historic
364. Panama Financials Forecast
365. Panama Industry Norms
366. Paraguay Market Historic : US$ Million
367. Paraguay Market Forecast : US$ Million
368. Paraguay Financials Historic
369. Paraguay Financials Forecast
370. Paraguay Industry Norms
371. Peru Market Historic : US$ Million
372. Peru Market Forecast : US$ Million
373. Peru Financials Historic
374. Peru Financials Forecast
375. Peru Industry Norms
376. Philippines Market Historic : US$ Million
377. Philippines Market Forecast : US$ Million
378. Philippines Financials Historic
379. Philippines Financials Forecast
380. Philippines Industry Norms
381. Poland Market Historic : US$ Million
382. Poland Market Forecast : US$ Million
383. Poland Financials Historic
384. Poland Financials Forecast
385. Poland Industry Norms
386. Portugal Market Historic : US$ Million
387. Portugal Market Forecast : US$ Million
388. Portugal Financials Historic
389. Portugal Financials Forecast
390. Portugal Industry Norms
391. Romania Market Historic : US$ Million
392. Romania Market Forecast : US$ Million
393. Romania Financials Historic
394. Romania Financials Forecast
395. Romania Industry Norms
396. Russia Market Historic : US$ Million
397. Russia Market Forecast : US$ Million
398. Russia Financials Historic
399. Russia Financials Forecast
400. Russia Industry Norms
401. Saudi Arabia Market Historic : US$ Million
402. Saudi Arabia Market Forecast : US$ Million
403. Saudi Arabia Financials Historic
404. Saudi Arabia Financials Forecast
405. Saudi Arabia Industry Norms
406. Serbia & Monte Market Historic : US$ Mill
407. Serbia & Monte Market Forecast : US$ Mill
408. Serbia + Montenegro Financials Historic
409. Serbia + Montenegro Financials Forecast
410. Serbia + Montenegro Industry Norms
411. Singapore Market Historic : US$ Million
412. Singapore Market Forecast : US$ Million
413. Singapore Financials Historic
414. Singapore Financials Forecast
415. Singapore Industry Norms
416. Slovakia Market Historic : US$ Million
417. Slovakia Market Forecast : US$ Million
418. Slovakia Financials Historic
419. Slovakia Financials Forecast
420. Slovakia Industry Norms
421. Slovenia Market Historic : US$ Million
422. Slovenia Market Forecast : US$ Million
423. Slovenia Financials Historic
424. Slovenia Financials Forecast
425. Slovenia Industry Norms
426. South Africa Market Historic : US$ Million
427. South Africa Market Forecast : US$ Million
428. South Africa Financials Historic
429. South Africa Financials Forecast
430. South Africa Industry Norms
431. South Korea Market Historic : US$ Million
432. South Korea Market Forecast : US$ Million
433. South Korea Financials Historic
434. South Korea Financials Forecast
435. South Korea Industry Norms
436. Spain Market Historic : US$ Million
437. Spain Market Forecast : US$ Million
438. Spain Financials Historic
439. Spain Financials Forecast
440. Spain Industry Norms
441. Sri Lanka Market Historic : US$ Million
442. Sri Lanka Market Forecast : US$ Million
443. Sri Lanka Financials Historic
444. Sri Lanka Financials Forecast
445. Sri Lanka Industry Norms
446. Suriname Market Historic : US$ Million
447. Suriname Market Forecast : US$ Million
448. Suriname Financials Historic
449. Suriname Financials Forecast
450. Suriname Industry Norms
451. Sweden Market Historic : US$ Million
452. Sweden Market Forecast : US$ Million
453. Sweden Financials Historic
454. Sweden Financials Forecast
455. Sweden Industry Norms
456. Switzerland Market Historic : US$ Million
457. Switzerland Market Forecast : US$ Million
458. Switzerland Financials Historic
459. Switzerland Financials Forecast
460. Switzerland Industry Norms
461. Taiwan Market Historic : US$ Million
462. Taiwan Market Forecast : US$ Million
463. Taiwan Financials Historic
464. Taiwan Financials Forecast
465. Taiwan Industry Norms
466. Tanzania Market Historic : US$ Million
467. Tanzania Market Forecast : US$ Million
468. Tanzania Financials Historic
469. Tanzania Financials Forecast
470. Tanzania Industry Norms
471. Thailand Market Historic : US$ Million
472. Thailand Market Forecast : US$ Million
473. Thailand Financials Historic
474. Thailand Financials Forecast
475. Thailand Industry Norms
476. Tunisia Market Historic : US$ Million
477. Tunisia Market Forecast : US$ Million
478. Tunisia Financials Historic
479. Tunisia Financials Forecast
480. Tunisia Industry Norms
481. Turkey Market Historic : US$ Million
482. Turkey Market Forecast : US$ Million
483. Turkey Financials Historic
484. Turkey Financials Forecast
485. Turkey Industry Norms
486. Uganda Market Historic : US$ Million
487. Uganda Market Forecast : US$ Million
488. Uganda Financials Historic
489. Uganda Financials Forecast
490. Uganda Industry Norms
491. Ukraine Market Historic : US$ Million
492. Ukraine Market Forecast : US$ Million
493. Ukraine Financials Historic
494. Ukraine Financials Forecast
495. Ukraine Industry Norms
496. United Arab Emirates Market Hist : US$ M
497. UAE Market Forecast : US$ Million
498. United Arab Emirates Financials Historic
499. United Arab Emirates Financials Forecast
500. United Arab Emirates Industry Norms
501. United Kingdom Market Historic : US$ Mill
502. United Kingdom Market Forecast : US$ Mill
503. United Kingdom Financials Historic
504. United Kingdom Financials Forecast
505. United Kingdom Industry Norms
506. United States Market Historic : US$ Million
507. United States Market Forecast : US$ Mill
508. United States Financials Historic
509. United States Financials Forecast
510. United States Industry Norms
511. Uruguay Market Historic : US$ Million
512. Uruguay Market Forecast : US$ Million
513. Uruguay Financials Historic
514. Uruguay Financials Forecast
515. Uruguay Industry Norms
516. Uzbekistan Market Historic : US$ Million
517. Uzbekistan Market Forecast : US$ Million
518. Uzbekistan Financials Historic
519. Uzbekistan Financials Forecast
520. Uzbekistan Industry Norms
521. Venezuela Market Historic : US$ Million
522. Venezuela Market Forecast : US$ Million
523. Venezuela Financials Historic
524. Venezuela Financials Forecast
525. Venezuela Industry Norms
526. Vietnam Market Historic : US$ Million
527. Vietnam Market Forecast : US$ Million
528. Vietnam Financials Historic
529. Vietnam Financials Forecast
530. Vietnam Industry Norms
531. Zambia Market Historic : US$ Million
532. Zambia Market Forecast : US$ Million
533. Zambia Financials Historic
534. Zambia Financials Forecast
535. Zambia Industry Norms


The Summary reports cover between 100-150 countries.

* The Data Caveat

The report databases are designed to give a common definition, unit of measure and quantification of markets in over 200 countries. These reports rely on data collection at various levels of the product flow; this effectively means, the producer, the distribution channels and the end user or consumers. This data is then correlated with any national and international statistical data produced by official agencies. Unfortunately, product flow data gathering in some countries is difficult, and furthermore the official statistical data is both inaccurate and sparse. In such circumstances, in some countries, we have to flag a Data Caveat as a warning.  What this means is that in some countries the data is not sufficiently verifiable for statistical purposes and in those cases the data may not be presented.

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
El Salvador
French Guiana
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
Serbia & Montenegro
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
The Netherlands
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

Financial Data

Financial data for each Country, for each Year. Historic data for the past 7 years, and Forecast data for the next 7 years.

Balance Sheet Data

Total Sales, Domestic Sales, Exports, Pre-tax Profit, Interest Paid, Non-trading Income, Operating Profit, Depreciation: Structures, Depreciation: Plant and Equipment, Depreciation: Miscellaneous Items, Total Depreciation, Trading Profit, Intangible Assets, Intermediate Assets, Fixed Assets: Structures, Fixed Assets: Plant and Equipment, Fixed Assets: Miscellaneous Items, Fixed Assets, Capital Expenditure on Structures, Capital Expenditure on Plant and Equipment, Capital Expenditure on Vehicles, Capital Expenditure on Data Processing Equipment, Capital Expenditure on Miscellaneous Items, Total Capital Expenditure, Retirements: Structures, Retirements: Plant and Equipment, Retirements: Miscellaneous Items, Total Retirements, Total Fixed Assets, Finished Product Stocks, Work in Progress as Stocks, Materials as Stocks, Total Stocks / Inventory, Debtors, Total Maintenance Costs, Services Purchased, Miscellaneous Current Assets, Total Current Assets, Total Assets, Creditors, Short Term Loans, Miscellaneous Current Liabilities, Total Current Liabilities, Net Assets / Capital Employed, Shareholders Funds, Long Term Loans, Miscellaneous Long Term Liabilities, Workers, Hours Worked, Work in 1st Quarter, Work in 2nd Quarter, Work in 3rd Quarter, Work in 4th Quarter, Total Employees, Raw Materials Cost, Finished Materials Cost, Fuel Cost, Electricity Cost, Total Input Supplies / Materials and Energy Costs, Payroll Costs, Wages, Directors' Remunerations, Employee Benefits, Employee Commissions, Total Employees Remunerations, Sub Contractors, Rental & Leasing: Structures, Rental & Leasing: Plant and Equipment, Total Rental & Leasing Costs, Maintenance: Structures, Maintenance: Plant and Equipment, Communications Costs, Miscellaneous Expenses, Sales Personnel Variable & Commission Costs, Sales Expenses and Costs, Sales Materials Costs, Total Sales Costs, Distribution Fixed Costs, Distribution Variable Costs, Warehousing Fixed Costs, Warehousing Variable Costs, Physical Handling Fixed Costs, Physical Handling Variable Costs, Physical Process Fixed Costs, Physical Process Variable Costs, Total Distribution and Handling Costs, Mailing & Correspondence Costs, Media Advertising Costs, Advertising Materials & Print Costs, POS & Display Costs, Exhibition & Events Costs, Total Advertising Costs, Product Returns & Rejection Costs, Product Installation & Re-Installation Costs, Product Breakdown & Post Installation Costs, Product Systems & Configuration Costs, Product Service & Maintenance Costs, Customer Problem Solving & Customer Complaint Costs, Total After-Sales Costs, Total Marketing Costs, New Technology Expenditure, New Production Technology Expenditure, Total Research and Development Expenditure, Total Operational & Process Costs, Debtors within Agreed Terms, Debtors Outside Agreed Terms, Un-recoverable Debts.


Financial Margins & Ratios

Return on Capital, Return on Assets, Return on Shareholders' Funds, Pre-tax Profit Margins, Operating Profit Margin, Trading Profit Margin, Return on Investment, Assets Utilisation (given as a ratio of Sales to Total Assets), Sales as a ratio of Fixed Assets, Stock Turnover (Sales as a ratio of Stocks), Credit Period, Creditors' Ratio (given as Creditors divided by Sales times 365 days), Default Debtors given as a Ratio of Total Debtors, Un-Recoverable Debts given as a Ratio of Total Debts, Working Capital / Sales, Materials & Energy Costs as a % of Sales, Added Value, Investment as a Ratio of Added Value, Value of Plant & Equipment as a % of Sales, Vertical Integration (Value Added as a % of Sales), Research & Development Investment as a % of Sales, Capital Expenditure Investment as a % of Sales, Marketing Costs as a % of Sales, Current Ratio (Current Assets as a ratio of Current Liabilities), Quick Ratio, Borrowing Ratio (or Total Debt as a ratio of Net Worth), Equity Ratio (Shareholders Funds as a ratio of Total Liabilities), Income Gearing, Total Debt as a ratio of Working Capital, Debt Gearing Ratio (Long Term Loans as a ratio of Net Worth), Average Remuneration (all employees - full and part), Profit per Employee, Sales per Employee, Remunerations / Sales, Fixed Assets per Employee, Capital Employed per Employee, Total Assets per Employee, Value of Average Investment per Employee, Value Added per Employee, Materials Costs as a % of Sales, Wage Costs as a % of Sales, Payroll and Wages as a Ratio to Materials, Variable Costs as a % of Sales, Fixed Costs as a % of Sales, Fixed Costs as a Ratio of Variable Costs, Distribution Costs as a % of Sales, Warehousing Costs as a % of Sales, Physical Costs as a % of Sales, Fixed as a Ratio of Variable Distribution Costs, Fixed as a Ratio of Variable Warehousing Costs, Fixed as a Ratio of Variable Physical Costs, Fixed as a Ratio of Variable Total Distribution & Handling Costs, Product Returns & Rejections Costs as a % of Sales, Product Installation & Associated Costs as a % of Sales, Product Breakdown & Associated Costs as a % of Sales, Product Systems & Associated Costs as a % of Sales, Product Service & Associated Costs as a % of Sales, Customer Complaint & Associated Costs as a % of Sales, Stock Work in Progress & Materials as a Ratio of Finished Products, Stock Materials as a Ratio of Work in Progress, Un-recoverable Debts as a Ratio of Total Debt, Un-recoverable Debts as a Ratio of Debts Within Agreed Terms, Total Sales Costs as a % of Sales, Total Distribution & Handling Costs as a % of Sales, Total Advertising Costs as a % of Sales, Total After-Sales Costs as a % of Sales, Total Customer Compensation Costs as a % of Sales, Total Variable Marketing Costs as a % of Sales, Total Fixed Marketing Costs as a % of Sales, Total Fixed Marketing Costs as a Ratio of Total Variable Marketing Co, Variable Sales Personnel Costs as a Ratio of Marketing Costs, Variable Distribution & Handling Costs as a Ratio of Marketing Costs, Variable Advertising Costs as a Ratio of Marketing Costs, Variable After-Sales Costs as a Ratio of Marketing Costs, Sales Personnel Variable Costs as a Ratio of Sales, Sales Personnel Variable Costs as a Ratio of Debtors, Sales Personnel Variable Costs as a Ratio of Un-Recoverable Debtors, Exports as a % of Sales, $ Hourly Pay Rate, $ Hourly Wage Rate, Capital Employed.

Industry Data

Industry data for each Country. Historic and Forecast years.

01. OEM & Manufacturers Market Level
02. Wholesale & Distributor Market Level
03. Retailer & Added Value Retailer Market Level
04. End User & Consumer Market Level
05. Discounted & Promotional Market Level
06. Plant & Equipment Average Annual Investment
07. Product Prices / Market Average Index
08. New Products Introduction Index
09. Relative output of Products of a Superior Quality Index
10. Index of Comparative Salesforce and Selling Expenditure
11. Index of Comparative Advertising Expenditure
12. Index of Comparative General Promotional Expenditure
13. Product Adoption Rates
14. Product Sales Conversion Rates
15. Average Annual Sales Growth Rate
16. Capacity Utilization as a measure of Standard Capacity
17. Standardized Products & Services Index
18. Relative Employee Compensation Index
19. Instable Market Share as an Index of Total Market Share
20. Relative Forward Integration Index
21. Plant and Equipment Investment greater than Depreciation
Plant and Equipment Investment Equal to Depreciation
Plant and Equipment Investment Less than Depreciation
Plant and Equipment Investment - Unallocated
22. Plant and Equipment in Use within the range 0-3 years
Plant and Equipment in Use within the range 3-6 years
Plant and Equipment in Use within the range 6-9 years
Plant and Equipment in Use over years 9 old / Unallocated
23. Supplier Concentration = 8 Largest
Supplier Concentration = 20 Largest
Supplier Concentration = 50 Largest
Supplier Concentration = Unspecified / Unallocated
24. Immediate Wholesale & Retail Customers
Immediate OEM and Manufacturing Customers
Immediate Consumer and End User Customers
Immediate Non-Specific Customers / Unallocated
25. Enterprises within the Range 1-19 Employees
Enterprises within the Range 20-99 Employees
Enterprises within the Range 100+ Employees
Enterprises within Unspecified / Unallocated Employee Ranges
26. Buyer Age Profile in the range 0-19 Years
Buyer Age Profile in the range 20-24 Years
Buyer Age Profile in the range 25-34 Years
Buyer Age Profile in the range 35-44 Years
Buyer Age Profile in the range 45-54 Years
Buyer Age Profile in the range 55-64 Years
Buyer Age Profile in the range 65+ / Unallocated Years
27. Buyer Profile in the AB Social Group
Buyer Profile in the C1 Social Group
Buyer Profile in the C2 Social Group
Buyer Profile in the DE / Unallocated Social Group
28. End User Age Profile in the range 0-19 Years
End User Age Profile in the range 20-24 Years
End User Age Profile in the range 25-34 Years
End User Age Profile in the range 35-44 Years
End User Age Profile in the range 45-54 Years
End User Age Profile in the range 55-64 Years
End User Age Profile in the range 65+ / Unallocated Years
29. End User Profile in the AB Social Group
End User Profile in the C1 Social Group
End User Profile in the C2 Social Group
End User Profile in the DE / Unallocated Social Group

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