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Market Research The world’s largest source of Market Research What do you need?

PureData: 12,200 databases covering 320,000 Products & Market Sectors in 200 Countries.

PureData titles are also available within the B2B Buyer Index, Markets & Companies and National Intelligence series; and those series have many sub-sets to provide highly specific and specialist additional data.

All the titles can be purchased as:

PureData Summary Editions are PDF reports each of which cover about 120 Countries. 500-2000 pages.

Cost $950.

PureData Database Editions are complete reports & databases which cover various geographic market areas:

Summary Editions & Database Editions are Updated Monthly

Online Delivery: 59 minutes for Account Holders. 2 hours for Retail Clients.

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Research

Over 200,000 reports on individual Chemicals and Chemical Formulations.

Over 50,000 reports on individual Pharmaceuticals (human and veterinary) and dosage packaging.

Cost: World Edition (200 Countries): $2850

Updated: Monthly

Online Delivery: 59 minutes to Account Holders and 2 hours to Retail Clients

Search this PDF file to find the information you need, then download the relevant Brochures.

The brochure IDs shows that additional and specialist data is also available for the individual series:

Where to find the information you need…

This is a very large (6,000 page) PDF file which will take time to download...

To check in which report a particular Product or Market is covered: