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Ad Hoc & Customised & Urgent

Because all DataGroup report databases are real-time and dynamic our consultants can access and interrogate the databases and generate a specific report as required by the client. The databases structures allow us to correlate several databases and generate a unique report according to the client’s specifications; and this can cover any number of product groups or market sectors not covered in the standard databases.

If a client needed data from a number of separate databases (plus other correlations) then this can be done and produced as one report. Thus the client saves money and gets a report on the exact products, markets, and topics of interest.

Clients can specify exactly what information they need and the DataGroup consultant will extract the precise data for the client.

Cost:  $1860

Delivery: 24 hours from commencement.

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A unique report exactly specified by you…

 Ad Hoc & Customised Information provided in 24 hours

Sometimes clients just need summary data, a brief report, an Excel spreadsheet, a short explanation, or some other exactly specified piece of information.  In these circumstances we can supply Ad Hoc data where a suitably qualified consultant will spend a day or two outputting the specific information required by the client.

Request for Proposal

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