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 DataGroup & Data Institute Brands

 DataGroup & Data Institute Brands

Product availability

In general terms the products of all these DataGroup & Data Institute Publishers and Brands are available immediately and without restriction to Account Holders as part of their normal service contract.

General product availability

Unless indicated, these products are available to non Account Holders.


Exclusive Online Access

DATABASE DATASCAN offers major multi-national organisations membership of an exclusive online access service to the largest market, corporate and commercial intelligence database in the world. Industry or market exclusivity means that members can block their competitors having membership and thus deny competitors access to critical data and research.

A Username and Password in required to enter this site.  Account Holders only.


Business Planning Resource

Not all DataGroup products are generally available, however one significant resource is now accessible; this is the DataGroup Business Planning Resource.

This product provides information, research products, and software tools for Business Planning for company start-up and investment projects.

The Business Planning Resource DVDs gives users market research specific to their proposed markets, a business plan generator, marketing & financial planning tools, company start-up methodology and, where necessary, the corporate research on competitors & potential investment or acquisition targets. In addition a range of supporting services is available to assist the clients in reaching their goals.

Investors, entrepreneurs, and those interested in purchasing, establishing or running a business in local, national, or international markets will find the Business Planning Resource indispensable. This comprehensive and cost effective package is a complete answer to your business research, corporate planning and company management questions.

The Data Institute

Management Controls & Information

The Data Institute is a private members institute which was established in 1979 to provide economic, commercial, industrial, management and policy information to its members.

The Data Institute products and service include:-

Management Controls: Acquisition Manuals and Competitor Control.

Product · Distribution · Consumption: 2,386 World databases on 208 countries.

Chemical & Pharmaceuticals World Consumption  Over 60,000 elements, substances & materials and 200,000 chemical compounds. Over 40,000 Pharmaceutical products, compounds, and dosages.

B2B Buyer Index Procurement   Over 3,200 Business-to-Business Purchasing & Procurement titles available.

The B2B Index is compiled by The Data Institute.  Since 1979 the largest provider of Business to Business Buying and Procurement data.

With over 3,200 databases covering over 3,200 industry sectors in 200 countries, the database provided information on over 150,000 materials, products and services procured by over 15,000,000 purchasing entities worldwide.


The European Institute for Community Development was established in 1981 to provide information to organisations within the European Union.

Some of the Institute's data (seen on this web site) are available to non-members.

Members of the Institute should use their dedicated web site. Account Holders only.

Markets & Companies Worldwide

The largest business intelligence database in the world.  3,600 markets.  15,000,000 companies.

Clients are provided with fast and effective business information at a competitive price. The products are designed to be simple to use and to provide users with a complete database which can be accessed in small parts as and when needed. Existing clients range from local entrepreneurs to multi-national corporations and national governments. A large number of databases for management in commerce, industry and government.

Markets & Companies Worldwide were the first business publishers to distribute information on electronic media, first on Floppy Disks in the late 1970s, then Hard Drives and then on CDs in the 1980s.


The publications are now supplied as PDF documents, on DVD-R, and Online.


The products are designed to be simple to use and to provide users with either a PDF Summary Edition or Databases which are available as several Geographic Editions, and supplied on DVD-R or Online.

Les Membres des Professions Libérales

Professions, Trades and the Service Businesses of Europe

Les Membres des Professions Libérales publish data on the Professions, Trades, and the Service Businesses of Europe in co-operation with the various European Associations of Members of the Liberal Professions.

Over the years the coverage of these publications have extended beyond the traditional liberal professions and now cover all the service industries. The handbooks are designed to provide information on the performance of individual firms and companies.

This data is most useful to the firms themselves, so that they may review, compare and evaluate their own performance in the market place. The data is also useful to competitors, potential purchasers of a business, and that firm's clients.

Information is available on 160 service industries in 18 European countries. Some databases have been extended to cover 30 European countries. The data on each firm is produced as a series of 5 handbooks, and these are provided as a single package. This information is produced as a DVD.  Account Holders only

National Intelligence Networks

Intelligence… on your desk in 59 minutes.

National Intelligence Networks were established in 1989 and are a leading provider of local and national business research to companies and organisations of all sizes.

The research is provided on demand, within 59 minutes, and is delivered to your desk as an email attachment. If required the data can be provided on a DVD.

National Intelligence Networks can supply a choice of 12 unique reports & databases which are specific to the 5,600 business areas covered.

Between 1993 and 2016 National Intelligence Networks have provided business, corporate, and commercial intelligence only to Account Holders on a contract basis; however it was decided to provide certain business intelligence more generally as of January 2017.

5,600 major Market Intelligence databases:  Over 5,600 major Market Sectors databases which cover a wide range of Products and Services.

20,800 Product Intelligence databases:  Over 20,800 Product databases which cover individual Products and Product Specifications.

55,000 Services & Revenue Line Intelligence databases:  Over 55,000 Services and Revenue Lines databases which cover every aspect of the Product and Services Distribution Channels,  Importers, Wholesalers, Installers, Service Providers, Retailers, Online Services, and other outlets which supply Products and Services to End Users in 200 countries.  Also covered are non-for-profit Services such as those provided by Government and other agencies and organisations.

24,000 Financial & Industry Intelligence databases:  Over 24,000 Financial & Industry databases which cover the Financial data for all industry and business sectors.

500,000 Corporate Intelligence databases:  Over 500,000 Corporate databases which cover the significant companies and other organisations in some 200 countries.

200 National Intelligence databases:  There are over 200 National databases which cover products, markets, industries, and corporate data in some 200 countries.

78,000 City & Town Intelligence databases:  Over 78,000 City and Town databases which cover products, markets, industries, and corporate data in individual Cities and Towns.

300,000 Location Intelligence databases:  Over 300,000 Location databases which cover geographic data in a local context.


Thousands of Publications and over 12,200 Databases

Since 1986 PureData have supplied, on a contract basis, market and corporate research to major businesses and governments in over 80 countries.

PureData then introduced a series of entry level products, and these products are now generally available.

Market Research Reports consist of online access, plus a DVD, which contains the report, databases and supporting utilities.

Corporate Research Reports consist of online access, plus a Hard Drive, which contains the report, databases and supporting utilities. In addition reference and supporting documentation, utilities and data analysis tools are provided.


A Username and Password is required to enter this site.   Account Holders only.


Over 12,000 Retailer Analysis Reports.

Over 12,000 Retailer Customer Survey Reports.

5,000 Advanced and New Technology reports.