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Corporate Intelligence


Corporate Intelligence

Apart from the standard formats for the Corporate Intelligence products shown here, there is also a Bespoke Service whereby clients can access, interrogate, co-ordinate and compile a Bespoke Corporate Database on a target company.

Corporate Research Areas Corporate Research Coverage

Base Corporate Data

Tactical & Strategic Reports
Acquisition & Mergers

MCW Companies

Retailer Analysis

Retailer Surveys

Competitor Controls

Company Data CD

Financial Performance

Marketing Performance

Handbooks on European Professions, Trades & Business

Business Planning

Company Surveys

Business Performance & Customer Opinion Surveys

Financial & Credit Surveys

Customer Control Surveys

Management & Personnel Surveys

Adverse Factors Surveys

Restricted Company Intelligence
available to Account Holders only:

Distribution Performance

Energy Procurement & Usage

Export Performance

Human Resources & Employment

Information Technology

Process Systems

Product Licensing

Purchasing & Procurement

Research & Development

Technology Transfer

Technology Performance

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Corporate Intelligence Archives


There is a Corporate Intelligence Archive going back to 1974 and this resource is useful to Analysts, Researchers, Librarians, Accountants, Legal Professionals, et al.

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