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Research Webs

Research Webs Sites

Our Research web sites are designed to give your company the ability to test and evaluate new product positioning or strategies, new sales or marketing tactics, new market or product segmentation, new distribution channels or new customer bases. These Research Sites improve your ability to evaluate and refine your company's commercial offerings.

Essential Business Research for your products, your markets and your profits

Research Webs gives one new capabilities and venues to experiment with Product & Market Segmentation, Marketing Opportunities, Market Testing, and Customers Analysis. These techniques enables one to quantify potential sales revenues and profitability through the systematic testing of various scenarios for your products.

Research Webs

Research web sites can be effectively used:-

Research sites are always designed to provide a number of what if scenarios, perception research, user surveys, research tools, contextual site testing and a wealth of essential and useful tools and utilities which are indispensable in realizing one's business goals. These sites are usually ‘under-construction’  as they are modified and developed on a regular basis.

For example...

Some of the Research Webs we construct for clients are intended for the use of their sales, marketing or advertising departments, distribution channels, or for particular special interest groups. The three sites below were produced as a pitch for Thomas Cook, the Tour & Travel Operators, to test the possibility of offering their clients added support services, generate customer loyalty, and generate more traffic for their own web sites.

The initial site is used to simply define the product or service being offered in neutral terms. The original concept was a service to secure valuable personal information which could be used in an emergency for credit card, insurance, and other purposes.

The starting cost for 3 inter-related Research web sites, with the appropriate content, promotional message, product or market segmentation, et al, is $2950.  Clients can set a monthly budget for a regular development of the sites.

Having produced a product proposition, one can then develop this by seeking to evaluate other marketing opportunities and synergies for the same product. These additional marketing opportunities may serve to utilize, promote or develop the basic product proposition.

As with advertising or marketing focus groups, a number of possible sites are usually produced to test which is most effective in marketing terms. The next step was the development for the consumer market.

Consumer responses and various consumer messages can be tested using sites which evoke a nostalgic or emotional response.

The product offering can be tested on business traveller with a suitable story-board of the advertising and sales pitch to evaluate the business user response.