Personal & laundry services




Personal and laundry services

8121_L Personal care services Lines
81211 Hair, nail & skin care services
81211_L Hair, nail & skin care services Lines
812111_L Barber shops Lines
812112_L Beauty shops Lines
812113_L Nail salons Lines
81219 Other personal care services
81219_L Personal care services Miscellaneous Lines
812191_L Diet & weight reducing services Lines
812199_L Personal care services Miscellaneous Lines
8122_L Death care services Lines
81221 Funeral homes & funeral services
81221_L Funeral homes & funeral services Lines
812210_L Funeral homes & funeral services Lines
8122101_L Funeral homes Lines
8122102_L Funeral services Miscellaneous Lines
81222 Cemeteries & crematories
81222_L Cemeteries & crematories Lines
812220_L Cemeteries & crematories Lines
8123_L Drycleaning & laundry services Lines
81231 Coin-operated laundries & drycleaners
81231_L Coin-operated laundries & drycleaners Lines
812310_L Coin-operated laundries & drycleaners Lines
8123101_L Coin-operated laundry routes Lines
8123102_L Coin-operated laundries & dry-cleaning stores Lines
81232 Drycleaning & laundry services (except coin-operated)
81232_L Drycleaning & laundry services Lines
812320_L Drycleaning & laundry services Lines
8123201_L Laundries, family & commercial Lines
8123202_L Drycleaning plants Lines
8123203_L Garment pressing & agents for laundries Lines
8123204_L All other laundry & garment services Lines
81233 Linen & uniform supply
81233_L Linen & uniform supply Lines
812331_L Linen supply Lines
812332_L Industrial launderers Lines
8129_L Other personal services Lines
81291 Pet care (except veterinary) services
81291_L Pet care services Lines
812910_L Pet care services Lines
81292 Photofinishing
81292_L Photofinishing Lines
812921_L Photofinishing laboratories Lines
812922_L One-hour photofinishing Lines
81293 Parking lots & garages
81293_L Parking lots & garages Lines
812930_L Parking lots & garages Lines
81299 All other personal services
81299_L All other personal services Lines
812990_L All other personal services Lines
8129901_L Bail bonding Lines
8129902_L Dating services Lines
8129903_L Pay telephone operators Lines
8129909_L All other miscellaneous personal services Lines

A separate report is available for each of the above. Reports with the suffix '_L' refers to reports with a Product Line breakdown.