Funeral homes & funeral services Lines




Funeral homes and funeral services Product Lines

81221_L30830 Hairdressing and other body and appearance care services
81221_L30860 Funeral and cemetery services
81221_L3086030861 Repayments of cash advances for funeral services
81221_L3086030862 Fees from funeral services
81221_L3086030863 Merchandise sold by this establishment as part of funeral services, including caskets
81221_L3086030864 Sales of burial plots
81221_L3086030865 All other funeral/cemetery services
81221_L30960 Automobile parking services
81221_L39000 Merchandise sales
81221_L3900039025 Sales of other merchandise, not specified by type
81221_L39500 All other receipts
81221_L3950039517 All other operating receipts

The Report entitled, Funeral homes & funeral services Lines (Ref: 81221 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.