Administrative & support services




Administrative and support services

5611_L Office administrative services Lines
56111 Office administrative services
56111_L Office administrative services Lines
561110_L Office administrative services Lines
5612_L Facilities support services Lines
56121 Facilities support services
56121_L Facilities support services Lines
561210_L Facilities support services Lines
5613_L Employment services Lines
56131 Employment placement agencies
56131_L Employment placement agencies Lines
561310_L Employment placement agencies Lines
56132 Temporary help services
56132_L Temporary help services Lines
561320_L Temporary help services Lines
56133 Professional employer organizations
56133_L Professional employer organizations Lines
561330_L Employee leasing services Lines
5614_L Business support services Lines
56141 Document preparation services
56141_L Document preparation services Lines
561410_L Document preparation services Lines
56142 Telephone call centers
56142_L Telephone call centers Lines
561421_L Telephone answering services Lines
561422_L Telemarketing bureaus Lines
56143 Business service centers
56143_L Business service centers Lines
561431_L Private mail centers Lines
561439_L Business service centers Miscellaneous Lines
56144 Collection agencies
56144_L Collection agencies Lines
561440_L Collection agencies Lines
56145 Credit bureaus
56145_L Credit bureaus Lines
561450_L Credit bureaus Lines
5614501_L Consumer credit reporting agencies Lines
5614502_L Mercantile reporting agencies Lines
56149 Other business support services
56149_L Business support services Miscellaneous Lines
561491_L Repossession services Lines
561492_L Court reporting & stenotype services Lines
561499_L All other business support services Lines
5615_L Travel arrangement & reservation services Lines
56151 Travel agencies
56151_L Travel agencies Lines
561510_L Travel agencies Lines
56152 Tour operators
56152_L Tour operators Lines
561520_L Tour operators Lines
56159 Other travel arrangement & reservation services
56159_L Travel arrangement & reservation services Miscellaneous Lines
561591_L Convention & visitors bureaus Lines
561599_L All other travel arrangement & reservation service Lines
5615992_L Automobile clubs Lines
5616_L Investigation & security services Lines
56161 Investigation, guard & armored car services
56161_L Investigation, guard & armored car services Lines
561611_L Investigation services Lines
561612_L Security guards & patrol services Lines
561613_L Armored car services Lines
56162 Security systems services
56162_L Security systems services Lines
561621_L Security systems services Lines
561622_L Locksmiths Lines
5617_L Services to buildings & dwellings Lines
56171 Exterminating & pest control services
56171_L Exterminating & pest control services Lines
561710_L Exterminating & pest control services Lines
56172 Janitorial services
56172_L Janitorial services Lines
561720_L Janitorial services Lines
56173 Landscaping services
56173_L Landscaping services Lines
561730_L Landscaping services Lines
56174 Carpet & upholstery cleaning services
56174_L Carpet & upholstery cleaning services Lines
561740_L Carpet & upholstery cleaning services Lines
56179 Other services to buildings & dwellings
56179_L Services to buildings & dwellings Miscellaneous Lines
561790_L Services to buildings & dwellings Miscellaneous Lines
5617901_L Furnace, duct, chimney & gutter cleaning Lines
5617902_L Swimming pool cleaning & maintenance Lines
5617905_L Cleaning building exteriors Lines
5617909_L All other services to buildings & dwellings Lines
5619_L Other support services Lines
56191 Packaging & labeling services
56191_L Packaging & labeling services Lines
561910_L Packaging & labeling services Lines
56192 Convention & trade show organizers
56192_L Convention & trade show organizers Lines
561920_L Convention & trade show organizers Lines
56199 All other support services
56199_L All other support services Lines
561990_L All other support services Lines
5619901_L Trading stamp services Lines
5619902_L Water softening & conditioning services Lines
5619903_L Economic / industrial planning / development organisation Lines
5619909_L Miscellaneous support services Miscellaneous Lines

A separate report is available for each of the above. Reports with the suffix '_L' refers to reports with a Product Line breakdown.