Temporary help services Lines




Temporary help services Product Lines

56132_L34070 Bookkeeping, compilation, payroll, and taxation services
56132_L3407034073 Payroll services
56132_L36030 Management consulting services
56132_L3603036032 Human resources consulting services
56132_L37510 Co-employment staffing services
56132_L3751037511 Co-employment staffing with payroll services only
56132_L3751037512 Co-employment staffing with both payroll and benefit services
56132_L3751037513 Co-employment staffing with both payroll and human resource services
56132_L3751037514 Co-employment staffing with payroll, benefit, and human resource services
56132_L37520 Permanent placement services
56132_L37530 Contract staffing services
56132_L37540 Temporary staffing services
56132_L37550 Long-term staffing services
56132_L37560 Temporary-to-permanent staffing placement services
56132_L37570 Onsite management services of temporary help
56132_L37580 On-line employment services
56132_L3758037581 On-line employment services: On-line job listing services
56132_L3758037584 On-line employment services: On-line employment database search services
56132_L37590 On-line employment services: Sale of advertising space for on-line job sites
56132_L37600 Employee evaluations services
56132_L37610 Outplacement/career counseling services
56132_L37620 Executive search services, including retained search
56132_L37630 Employee training services, not specified by type
56132_L37640 Medical examinations for employment
56132_L37650 Sales of employment-related computer software
56132_L38140 Investigative and detective services
56132_L3814038141 Investigative and detective services: Personal background checks
56132_L39000 Merchandise sales
56132_L3900039055 Sales of merchandise, excluding computer software
56132_L39500 All other receipts
56132_L3950039551 All other operating receipts

The Report entitled, Temporary help services Lines (Ref: 56132 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.