Norms for the Product industry are shown in this section. This represents the major industry sector data for the industry and as such forms the basis of comparison.

Only the most critical factors should be compared with the various scenarios given above as industry averages can at best represent an indication and not a specific point of measure.

Reliance on Industry Norms are often used by analysts in order to support theories and suppositions and these are in turn used for investment scenarios. In fact Industry Norms or Averages are not tangible as they combine and manipulate data from companies in wide ranging activities and thus much of the data is superficial.

Much of the benefit in the analysis of Industry Norms is to use the data to provide guide-lines or parameters which can be seen to define and identify the target industry sector.



- OEM & Manufacturers Market Level

- Wholesale & Distributor Market Level

- Retailer & Added Value Retailer Market Level

- End User & Consumer Market Level

- Discounted & Promotional Market Level

- Plant & Equipment Average Annual Investment

- Product Prices as a % of the Market Average

- New Products as a % of the Total Output

- Relative Products of a Superior Quality

- Index of Comparative Salesforce/Selling Expense

- Index of Comparative Advertising Expenditure

- Index Comparative General Promotional Expense

- Product Adoption Rates

- Product Sales Conversion Rates

- Average Annual Sales Growth Rate

- Capacity Utilization Measure / Standard Capacity

- Standardized Products & Services Index

- Relative Employee Compensation Index

- Instable Market Share Index

- Relative Forward Integration Index

- Plant + Equipment Investment > than Depreciation

- Plant + Equipment Investment = to Depreciation

- Plant + Equipment Investment < than Depreciation

- Plant + Equipment Investment - Unallocated

- Plant + Equipment in Use range 0-3 years

- Plant +Equipment in Use range 3-6 years

- Plant +Equipment in Use range 6-9 years

- Plant and Equipment in Use 9+ years

- Supplier Concentration = 8 Largest

- Supplier Concentration = 20 Largest

- Supplier Concentration = 50 Largest

- Supplier Concentration = Unspecified

- Enterprises within the Range 1-19 Employees

- Enterprises within the Range 20-99 Employees

- Enterprises within the Range 100+ Employees

- Enterprises within Unspecified Employee Ranges




Forecasts: Growth in GNP
Forecasts: Balance of Trade
Forecasts: GNP by Year
Forecasts: Population by Year
Forecasts: Population Growth + Doubling
Forecasts: Population Literacy
Forecasts: Population Urbanisation + Density
Forecasts: Major Cities growth
Forecasts: Population Demographics
   - (Age Range - % Males - % Females by Age Groups)
Forecasts: Mortality + Life Expectancy
Forecasts: Birth + Death Rate
Forecasts: Infant Mortality