Securities intermediation & related activities




Securities, commodity contracts, other financial investments and related activities

5231_L Securities & commodity contracts intermediation & brokerage Lines
52311 Investment banking & securities dealing
52311_L Investment banking & securities dealing Lines
523110_L Investment banking & securities dealing Lines
52312 Securities brokerage
52312_L Securities brokerage Lines
523120_L Securities brokerage Lines
52313 Commodity contracts dealing
52313_L Commodity contracts dealing Lines
523130_L Commodity contracts dealing Lines
52314 Commodity contracts brokerage
52314_L Commodity contracts brokerage Lines
523140_L Commodity contracts brokerage Lines
5232_L Securities & commodity exchanges Lines
52321 Securities & commodity exchanges
52321_L Securities & commodity exchanges Lines
523210_L Securities & commodity exchanges Lines
5239_L Other financial investment activities Lines
52391 Miscellaneous intermediation
52391_L Miscellaneous intermediation Lines
523910_L Miscellaneous intermediation Lines
52392 Portfolio management
52392_L Portfolio management Lines
523920_L Portfolio management Lines
52393 Investment advice
52393_L Investment advice Lines
523930_L Investment advice Lines
52399 Miscellaneous other financial investment activities
52399_L Miscellaneous other financial investment activities Lines
523991_L Trust, fiduciary & custody activities Lines
523999_L Miscellaneous financial investment activities Lines

A separate report is available for each of the above. Reports with the suffix '_L' refers to reports with a Product Line breakdown.