Broadcasting & telecommunications




Broadcasting and telecommunications

5131_L Radio & television broadcasting Lines     
51311 Radio broadcasting
51311_L Radio broadcasting Lines     
513111_L Radio networks Lines     
513112_L Radio stations Lines     
51312 Television broadcasting
51312_L Television broadcasting Lines     
513120_L Television broadcasting Lines     
51321 Cable networks
51321_L Cable networks Lines     
513210_L Cable networks Lines     
51322 Cable & other program distribution
51322_L Cable & other program distribution Lines     
513220_L Cable & other program distribution Lines     
5133_L Telecommunications Lines     
51331 Wired telecommunications carriers
51331_L Wired telecommunications carriers Lines     
513310_L Wired telecommunications carriers Lines     
51332 Wireless telecommunications carriers
51332_L Wireless telecommunications carriers (except satellite) Lines     
513321_L Paging Lines     
513322_L Cellular & other wireless telecommunications Lines     
51333 Telecommunications resellers
51333_L Telecommunications resellers Lines     
513330_L Telecommunications resellers Lines     
51334 Satellite telecommunications
51334_L Satellite telecommunications Lines     
513340_L Satellite telecommunications Lines     
51339 Other telecommunications
51339_L Other telecommunications Lines     
513390_L Other telecommunications Lines     

A separate report is available for each of the above. Reports with the suffix '_L' refers to reports with a Product Line breakdown.