This is a Multi-Client report on Jewellers and clients can select and customise the data they receive. There are a large number of optional datasets available to clients.

This report covers significant Products and Markets.

Consumer Profile:
Consumer Age 0-19
Consumer Age 20-24
Consumer Age 25-34
Consumer Age 35-44
Consumer Age 45-54
Consumer Age 55-64
Consumer Age 65+
Consumer Social Group AB
Consumer Social Group C1
Consumer Social Group C2
Consumer Social Group DE

Retail & Service Industry Surveys

The Survey Data in this report includes over 200 surveys questions and covers the Product Flow at each level :-

1. Producers / Suppliers / Service Providers Surveys
2. Wholesalers / Distribution Channels / Service Channels Surveys
3. Own-Brand Buyers / Service Distributors / Facilitators Surveys
4. Retailers / Point of Sale Distribution / Sales or Service Outlets Surveys
5. Consumers / End Users
6. Immediate Buyer Surveys
7. Trade Buyer Surveys
8. Operational Surveys
9. Trading Surveys
10. Geographic & Regional Surveys
11. Product Surveys


The Report entitled, Jewellers (Ref: M10113_M) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.