Foodservice contractors Lines




Foodservice contractors Product Lines

722310_L20050 Rental of public rooms & areas, including conference/convention meeting rooms
722310_L20060 Membership dues & fees
722310_L20100 Groceries & other food items for human consumption off the premises, including bottled, canned, or packaged soft drinks; candy; gum; packaged snacks; etc.
722310_L20120 Meals, unpackaged snacks, sandwiches, ice cream & yogurt, bakery items & nonalcoholic beverages generally served for immediate consumption
722310_L2012020121 Food/nonalcoholic beverages prepared for carry-out & consumption off the premises
722310_L2012020122 Food/nonalcoholic beverages prepared for consumption on the premises
722310_L20130 Alcoholic drinks served at the establishment
722310_L2013020131 Distilled spirits
722310_L2013020132 Wine
722310_L2013020133 Beer & ale
722310_L20150 Cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, & smokers' accessories, excluding sales from vending machines operated by others
722310_L29810 All other merchandise
722310_L29980 All other nonmerchandise receipts, including receipts from storage and other services provided to customers excluding sales & other taxes

The Report entitled, Foodservice contractors Lines (Ref: 722310 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.