Outpatient care centers Miscellaneous Lines




Outpatient care centers Miscellaneous Product Lines

62149_L30250 Patient care receipts
62149_L3025030251 Patient care receipts: Laboratory services and tests paid by other health care providers
62149_L3025030252 Patient care receipts: Laboratory services and tests paid directly by individuals, insurers, or government payers such as Medicare and Medicaid
62149_L3025030253 Patient care receipts: All other patient care receipts, including professional fees
62149_L39000 Merchandise sales
62149_L3900039002 Merchandise sales: Prescription drugs
62149_L3900039003 Merchandise sales: Nonprescription drugs, vitamins, supplements, and herbal remedies
62149_L3900039004 Merchandise sales: Optical goods
62149_L3900039005 Merchandise sales: Orthopedic appliances
62149_L3900039006 All other sales of medical equipment and supplies to patients
62149_L3900039007 Other merchandise sales, not specified by type
62149_L39250 Rental or lease of goods and/or equipment
62149_L3925039251 Rental or lease of medical equipment
62149_L3925039252 Rental or lease of all other goods and/or equipment
62149_L39500 All other receipts
62149_L3950039502 All other amounts received from providing services to patients and others
62149_L39700 Contributions, gifts, and grants: Government
62149_L39710 Contributions, gifts, and grants: Private
62149_L39720 Investment income, including interest and dividends
62149_L39730 Gains (losses) from assets sold
62149_L39900 All other revenue
62149_L3990039902 All other revenue

The Report entitled, Outpatient care centers Miscellaneous Lines (Ref: 62149 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.