Advertising material distribution services Lines




Advertising material distribution services Product Lines

541870_L36500 Advertising agency serv - providing any comb of advertising serv such as creative & production serv/media planning & buying/research/marketing/& promotion serv - along w/ placing advertising w/ media
541870_L36550 Direct mail advertising services
541870_L36560 Sales promotion services
541870_L36570 Direct marketing services
541870_L36630 Distribution of advertising materials, other than by mail
541870_L36640 Coordination of production and delivery of premiums (advertising specialties)
541870_L36660 Other services related to advertising
541870_L39000 Merchandise sales
541870_L3900039053 Sales of merchandise, not specified by type
541870_L39500 All other receipts
541870_L3950039548 All other operating receipts

The Report entitled, Advertising material distribution services Lines (Ref: 541870 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.