Scientific & technical consulting services Miscellaneous Lines




Scientific and technical consulting services Miscellaneous Product Lines

54169_L34060 Financial auditing services
54169_L34070 Bookkeeping, compilation, payroll, and taxation services
54169_L35000 Information technology (IT) technical consulting services
54169_L35050 Custom computer application design and development services
54169_L35150 Computer systems design, development, and integration services
54169_L35860 Management consulting services: Actuarial consulting services
54169_L36000 Management services: Construction management
54169_L36010 Management services: Other management services
54169_L36020 Facilities management services, excluding computer
54169_L36030 Management consulting services
54169_L3603036031 Administrative and general management consulting services
54169_L3603036033 Marketing consulting services
54169_L3603036034 Process, physical distribution, and logistics consulting services
54169_L3603036035 Other management consulting services
54169_L36040 Environmental consulting services
54169_L36050 Scientific/technical consulting services
54169_L36060 Public relations services, not specified by type
54169_L36910 Landscape architectural services, not specified by type
54169_L36920 Engineering services, not specified by type
54169_L36930 Surveying and mapping services, excluding geophysical surveying, not specified by type
54169_L36940 Geophysical surveying services, not specified by type
54169_L36950 Research and development services, not specified by type
54169_L39000 Merchandise sales
54169_L3900039051 Sales of merchandise, not specified by type
54169_L39500 All other receipts
54169_L3950039546 All other operating receipts

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