Interior design services Lines




Interior design services Product Lines

54141_L34170 Urban planning services
54141_L34560 Interior design services
54141_L3456034561 Interior design services: Fees
54141_L3456034562 Interior design services: Sales of products specified as part of an integrated interior design service
54141_L3456034563 Interior design services: Income from subcontracted work
54141_L34570 Industrial design services
54141_L34590 Commercial art and illustration services
54141_L34600 Graphic design services
54141_L34630 Specialized design services
54141_L37100 Drafting services: Mechanical drafting services
54141_L37180 Drafting services: Architectural drafting services
54141_L37190 Drafting services: Display and presentation drafting services
54141_L37210 Drafting services: Drafting of as-built drawings
54141_L37220 Drafting services: Checking and revision services
54141_L37230 Drafting services: Drafting consulting services
54141_L37250 Drafting services: Other drafting services
54141_L3725037251 Drafting services: Interior design drafting services
54141_L3725037252 Drafting services: Landscape design drafting services
54141_L3725037253 Drafting services: All other drafting services
54141_L37260 Plotting and printing services for technical drawings
54141_L39000 Merchandise sales
54141_L3900039048 Sales of merchandise, not specified by type
54141_L39500 All other receipts
54141_L3950039544 All other operating receipts

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