Patent owners & lessors Lines




Patent owners and lessors Product Lines

5331109_L50400 Dividend income
5331109_L50410 Royalty income
5331109_L5041050411 Oil and petroleum - royalty income
5331109_L5041050412 Patent leasing/licensing - royalty income
5331109_L5041050413 Franchise leasing/licensing - royalty income
5331109_L5041050414 Copyright leasing/licensing - royalty income
5331109_L5041050419 All other royalty income
5331109_L50490 Gains (losses) from assets sold or traded, including sale of real property
5331109_L50500 Investment income - net
5331109_L50520 Asset/investment portfolio management fees
5331109_L50880 Fees from investment consulting and advice, excluding investment management for clients
5331109_L51300 Gross rents from real properties
5331109_L52700 Interest income
5331109_L59810 Other revenue

The Report entitled, Patent owners & lessors Lines (Ref: 5331109 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.