Direct life, health & medical insurance carriers Lines




Direct life, health and medical insurance carriers Product Lines

52411_L50110 Life insurance premiums earned - net
52411_L50120 Accident, health, and medical insurance premiums earned - net
52411_L5012050121 Accident insurance premiums earned, including accidental death and dismemberment, and disability income insurance - net
52411_L5012050122 Health and medical insurance premiums earned - net
52411_L50130 Property and casualty direct insurance premiums earned - net
52411_L50170 Other insurance premiums earned - net
52411_L50180 Reinsurance premiums - assumed
52411_L5018050181 Life reinsurance premiums - assumed
52411_L5018050182 Health and medical reinsurance premiums - assumed
52411_L5018050183 Property and casualty reinsurance premiums - assumed
52411_L5018050186 Accident reinsurance premiums - assumed
52411_L5018050189 Other reinsurance premiums - assumed
52411_L50190 Annuity revenue, including considerations and annuity fund deposit
52411_L50340 Realized capital gains (losses) on investment accounts
52411_L50480 Other investment income - net
52411_L50840 Fees collected for providing administrative services
52411_L5084050841 Services to Medicare, Medicaid, CHAMPUS
52411_L5084050842 Services to all other parties, including insurance, health plans etc.
52411_L51300 Gross rents from real properties
52411_L59810 Other revenue

The Report entitled, Direct life, health & medical insurance carriers Lines (Ref: 52411 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.