Data processing, hosting & related services Lines




Data processing, hosting and related services Product Lines

51821_L32660 Collocation services
51821_L32670 Video and audio streaming services
51821_L32680 Other information technology (IT) infrastructure provisioning services
51821_L32690 Information and document transformation services
51821_L3269032691 Imaging and other data capture services
51821_L3269032692 Data conversion and migration services
51821_L32700 Internet telecommunication services
51821_L35000 Information technology (IT) technical consulting services
51821_L35050 Custom computer application design and development services
51821_L3505035051 Web site design and development services
51821_L3505035052 Database design and development services
51821_L3505035053 Customization and integration of cross-industry application software
51821_L3505035054 Customization and integration of vertical market application software
51821_L3505035055 Other custom application design and development services
51821_L35100 Computer network design and development services
51821_L3510035101 Computer network security design and development services
51821_L3510035102 Computer network design and development services, other than security
51821_L35150 Computer systems design, development, and integration services
51821_L3515035153 Computer systems integration services
51821_L35200 Web site hosting services
51821_L3520035201 Web site hosting services with integration of related applications
51821_L3520035202 Web site hosting services without integration of related applications
51821_L35250 Application service provisioning
51821_L35300 Business process management services
51821_L35350 Data storage services
51821_L35400 Data management services
51821_L35450 Information technology (IT) infrastructure (computer) and network management services
51821_L35500 Information technology (IT) technical support services
51821_L3550035501 Software-related technical support services
51821_L3550035502 Hardware-related technical support services
51821_L3550035503 Combined software and hardware technical support services
51821_L3550035504 Auditing and assessing computer operations
51821_L3550035505 Data recovery services
51821_L3550035506 Disaster recovery services, business continuity services
51821_L3550035507 Other information technology (IT) technical support services
51821_L35550 Internet access services
51821_L35700 Resale of computer hardware and software
51821_L35750 Rental and leasing of computer hardware
51821_L35760 Information technology (IT) related training services
51821_L35770 Data analysis services
51821_L35780 Computer staff augmentation services
51821_L36030 Management consulting services
51821_L39000 Merchandise sales
51821_L39500 All other receipts
51821_L3950039535 All other receipts

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