Cable & other subscription programming Lines




Cable and other subscription programming Product Lines

515210_L32290 Radio: Other broadcasting services
515210_L32300 Air time - Television broadcasting, including network compensation and advertising
515210_L3230032301 Air time - Television broadcasting: Network compensation
515210_L3230032302 Air time - Television broadcasting: National and regional advertising (net)
515210_L3230032303 Air time - Television broadcasting: Local advertising (net)
515210_L32310 Television: Public and noncommercial programming services, including contributions, gifts, grants
515210_L32320 Specialty programming (wholesaling) services -Television
515210_L32330 Television: Production and postproduction services
515210_L32340 Television: Program rights
515210_L32350 Television: Other broadcasting services
515210_L32810 Sale of online advertising space: Broadcasting
515210_L39000 Merchandise sales
515210_L3900039039 Sale of merchandise, not specified by type
515210_L39250 Rental or lease of goods and/or equipment
515210_L39500 All other receipts
515210_L3950039532 All other receipts

The Report entitled, Cable & other subscription programming Lines (Ref: 515210 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.