Support activities for road transportation Lines




Support activities for road transportation Product Lines

4884_L41010 Bus or other motor vehicle service, transit passenger services
4884_L41140 Taxicab service by automobile or van
4884_L41150 Rental or leasing of taxicabs to drivers
4884_L41210 Repair and maintenance of vehicles not owned by your company
4884_L43100 Fuel and lubricant sales
4884_L43650 Repair and maintenance, including parts installed
4884_L47000 Agency or brokerage commissions and fees for arranging the transportation of freight and cargo
4884_L47010 Freight forwarding - net
4884_L47020 Process, physical distribution, and logistics consulting, including fees received for consulting and advertising clients and excluding fees received for providing management services
4884_L47030 Motor vehicle towing
4884_L47040 Toll road, bridge, highway, and/or tunnel operation, weighing operation
4884_L47050 Other freight-related services, including consolidation of freight, document preparation, storage, etc.
4884_L49810 All other operating revenue

The Report entitled, Support activities for road transportation Lines (Ref: 4884 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.