Navigational services to shipping & salvage Lines




Navigational services to shipping and salvage Product Lines

48833_L44010 Coastal or intercoastal water transportation of freight
48833_L44030 Inland waterways water transportation of freight
48833_L44110 Towing services
48833_L44120 Tugboat service
48833_L44130 Operation of a port or waterfront terminal
48833_L44140 Marine cargo handling, including stevedoring
48833_L44150 Piloting of vessels
48833_L44160 Marine salvaging, marine wrecking, and dismantling of ships
48833_L44170 Other water transportation related services
48833_L44190 Commercial vessel or barge rental and lease without crew
48833_L49810 All other operating revenue

The Report entitled, Navigational services to shipping & salvage Lines (Ref: 48833 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.