Limousine service Lines




Limousine service Product Lines

485320_L41010 Bus or other motor vehicle service, transit passenger services
485320_L41050 Local charter bus service
485320_L41060 Interstate/interurban charter bus service
485320_L41070 School bus service or other motor vehicles for public schools
485320_L41080 School bus service or other motor vehicles for private and parochial schools
485320_L41090 Sightseeing bus excursions
485320_L41130 Employee bus service
485320_L41140 Taxicab service by automobile or van
485320_L41150 Rental or leasing of taxicabs to drivers
485320_L41160 Scheduled airport shuttle services
485320_L41170 Limousine or luxury sedan with drivers
485320_L41180 Special needs transportation service, including paratransit, senior citizen, nonemergency medical, handicapped, etc.
485320_L41200 Other passenger transportation
485320_L41210 Repair and maintenance of vehicles not owned by your company
485320_L41220 Freight, baggage, and mail handling
485320_L41230 Advertising
485320_L43100 Fuel and lubricant sales
485320_L43750 Sales of other merchandise
485320_L49810 All other operating revenue

The Report entitled, Limousine service Lines (Ref: 485320 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.