Nonscheduled air transportation Lines




Nonscheduled air transportation Product Lines

48121_L41010 Bus or other motor vehicle service, transit passenger services
48121_L41170 Limousine or luxury sedan with drivers
48121_L43100 Fuel and lubricant sales
48121_L43300 New and used aircraft
48121_L43350 Aircraft parts and supplies sales
48121_L43750 Sales of other merchandise
48121_L45000 Scheduled domestic passenger revenue
48121_L45010 Commuter domestic passenger revenue
48121_L45020 Charter domestic passenger revenue
48121_L45030 Sightseeing domestic passenger revenue
48121_L45040 Excess baggage charges, domestic passenger revenue
48121_L45050 Reservation cancellation fees, domestic passenger revenue
48121_L45090 Other passenger revenue, domestic
48121_L45100 Scheduled international passenger revenue
48121_L45110 Commuter international passenger revenue
48121_L45120 Charter international passenger revenue
48121_L45130 Sightseeing international passenger revenue
48121_L45190 Other passenger revenue, international
48121_L45200 Domestic air freight revenue, including air courier services
48121_L45210 International air freight revenue, including air courier services
48121_L45220 Domestic air mail revenue, including air courier services
48121_L45300 Air ambulance
48121_L45410 Airport and/or aircraft ramp service, parking, tie down, and storage fees
48121_L45420 Aircraft rental or leasing without crew and/or pilot
48121_L45430 Aircraft maintenance and repair services
48121_L45440 Aircraft cleaning services
48121_L45450 Flight training and instruction services
48121_L45490 Other airport or aircraft services
48121_L45500 Other specialized flying services, including crop dusting, aerial forest fire fighting, aerial advertising and photography, aviation clubs, and aerial surveying
48121_L49810 All other operating revenue

The Report entitled, Nonscheduled air transportation Lines (Ref: 48121 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.