Discount department stores Lines




Discount department stores (excluding leased departments) Product Lines

452112_L20100 Groceries & other food items for human consumption off the premises, including bottled, canned, or packaged soft drinks; candy; gum; packaged snacks; etc.
452112_L20120 Meals, unpackaged snacks, sandwiches, ice cream & yogurt, bakery items & nonalcoholic beverages generally served for immediate consumption
452112_L20140 Packaged liquor, wine, & beer
452112_L20150 Cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, & smokers' accessories, excluding sales from vending machines operated by others
452112_L20160 Drugs, health aids, beauty aids, including cosmetics
452112_L2016020161 Prescriptions
452112_L2016020162 Nonprescription medicines
452112_L2016020163 Vitamins, minerals, & other dietary supplements
452112_L2016020164 Health aids, incl first-aid products; foot prod; prescription access; eye/contact lens care prod; convalescent aids; ortho equip, exc shoes; medical, surgical, or dental supplies; & artificial limbs
452112_L2016020165 Cosmetics, including face cream, make-up, perfumes & colognes, etc.
452112_L2016020166 Other hygiene needs, including deodorants; hair & shaving products; oral, feminine, & baby hygiene needs; hand products; etc.
452112_L20180 Soaps, detergents, & household cleaners
452112_L20190 Paper & related products, including paper towels, toilet tissue, wraps, bags, foils, etc.
452112_L20200 Men's wear
452112_L2020020201 Men's overcoats, topcoats, raincoats, outer jackets
452112_L2020020202 Men's suits & formal wear
452112_L2020020203 Men's sport coats & blazers
452112_L2020020204 Men's tailored & dress slacks
452112_L2020020205 Men's casual slacks & jeans, walking shorts, etc.
452112_L2020020206 Men's career & work uniforms
452112_L2020020207 Men's dress shirts
452112_L2020020208 Men's sport shirts, including t-shirts, knit & woven shirts, etc.
452112_L2020020209 Men's sweaters
452112_L2020020211 Men's hosiery, pajamas, robes, underwear
452112_L2020020212 Men's sports apparel, including tennis, golf, jogging, swimming, skiing, camping, fishing, hiking, & other rugged outer & exercise apparel
452112_L2020020214 Men's accessories, including hats, gloves, neckwear, handkerchiefs, belts, rain accessories, etc.
452112_L2020020216 Men's sweat tops, pants, & warm-ups
452112_L20220 Women's, juniors', & misses' wear
452112_L2022020222 Dresses, including all types
452112_L2022020223 Dressy & tailored coats, outer jackets, rainwear
452112_L2022020224 Suits, pantsuits, sport jackets, blazers
452112_L2022020225 Slacks/pants, jeans, walking shorts, skirts
452112_L2022020226 Tops, including t-shirts, knit & woven shirts, blouses, sweaters
452112_L2022020227 Women's sports apparel, including tennis, golf, jogging, swimming, skiing, camping, fishing, hiking, & other rugged outer & exercise apparel
452112_L2022020229 Hosiery, including pantyhose, socks, tights
452112_L2022020231 Bras, girdles, corsets
452112_L2022020232 Lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear
452112_L2022020233 Hats, wigs, hairpieces
452112_L2022020234 Accessories, including handbags, wallets, neckwear, gloves, belts, rain accessories, etc.
452112_L2022020236 Women's sweat tops, pants, & warm-ups
452112_L2022020237 Other apparel, including uniforms, smocks, & other apparel items
452112_L20240 Children's wear, including boys' (sizes 2 to 7 & 8 to 20), girls' (sizes 4 to 6x & 7 to 14), & infants' & toddlers' clothing & accessories
452112_L2024020241 Boys' (sizes 2 to 7 & 8 to 20) clothing & accessories
452112_L2024020242 Girls' (sizes 4 to 6x & 7 to 14) clothing & accessories
452112_L2024020243 Infants' & toddlers' clothing & accessories
452112_L20260 Footwear, including accessories
452112_L20270 Sewing, knitting materials & supplies, needlework goods, including fabrics, patterns, sewing supplies, notions, yarns, laces, trimmings, needlework kits, etc.
452112_L20280 Curtains, draperies, blinds, slipcovers, bed & table coverings
452112_L2028020281 Curtains & draperies
452112_L2028020282 Vertical & horizontal blinds, woven wood blinds, & shades
452112_L2028020283 Furniture coverings, including ready-made & custom-made
452112_L2028020284 Domestics, including towels, sheets, blankets, table linens & coverings, etc.
452112_L20300 Major household appl, incl vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, room air-conditioners, dishwashers, ranges, microwaves, washers & dryers, outdoor gas grills, etc.
452112_L2030020301 Kitchen appliances, parts, accessories, including refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, etc.
452112_L2030020303 Other major household appliances, parts, accessories, including room air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, etc.
452112_L20310 Small electric appliances, including mixers; blenders; can openers; toasters; coffee makers; fry pans; & personal care appliances, such as hair dryers, curling irons, shavers, etc.
452112_L20320 Televisions, video recorders, video cameras, video tapes, DVDs, etc., including electronic game/DVD combination devices, parts, & accessories
452112_L2032020321 Televisions
452112_L2032020324 Video recorders, cameras, tapes, DVDs, & electronic game/DVD combination devices
452112_L20330 Audio equipment, musical instruments, radios, stereos, compact discs, records, tapes, audio tape books, sheet music, accessories
452112_L2033020331 Audio equipment, components, parts, accessories, including radios, stereos, tape recorders & players, compact disc players, & other sound reinforcement and recording equipment
452112_L2033020335 Records, tapes, audio tape books, & compact discs
452112_L2033020337 Musical instruments, sheet music, & related items
452112_L20340 Furniture, sleep equipment & outdoor/patio furniture
452112_L2034020341 Upholstered furniture
452112_L2034020342 Sleep sofas, daybeds, futons, & other dual-purpose pieces
452112_L2034020343 Sleep equipment, including mattresses, springs, cots, waterbeds, etc.
452112_L2034020344 Other living room, dining room, bedroom furniture, including headboards
452112_L2034020345 All other furniture, including outdoor, office, computer-related, kitchen
452112_L20360 Flooring & floor coverings
452112_L2036020361 Soft-surface (textile) floor coverings & accessories
452112_L2036020364 Other hard-surface floor coverings & accessories, including tile & sheet goods
452112_L20370 Computer hardware, software, & supplies, including computer game software
452112_L2037020375 Computer & peripheral equipment
452112_L2037020376 Prepackaged (off-the-shelf) computer software
452112_L20380 Kitchenware & home furn, incl cookware, cooking access, dinnerware, glassware, giftware, decorative access & lighting, clocks, mirrors, closet & bathroom access, outdoor charcoal grills, planters, etc
452112_L2038020381 Cookware & cooking accessories, including strainers, sifters, grinders, cutlery, canning supplies, etc.
452112_L2038020382 Dinnerware, china, glassware, tableware, giftware, including all flatware & holloware
452112_L2038020383 Decorative accessories, including lamps, lampshades, mirrors, pictures, picture frames, clocks, magazine racks, spice racks, desk sets, etc.
452112_L2038020384 All other kitchenware & home furnishings, including closet & bathroom accessories, etc.
452112_L20400 Jewelry, including watches, watch attachments, novelty jewelry, etc.
452112_L2040020405 Karat gold jewelry-all karat gold jewelry items in which there are no diamonds/colored stones/or pearls set, or if diamonds/colored stones/or pearls constitute less than 50 pct of jewelry value
452112_L2040020407 Diamond, gemstone, & pearl jewelry
452112_L2040020411 All other jewelry, including watches; watchbands; gold-filled, sterling, platinum, and novelty jewelry
452112_L20420 Books
452112_L20440 Photographic equipment & supplies
452112_L20460 Toys, hobby goods, & games, including stuffed animals, video & electronic games, electronic game devices, & wheel goods, except bicycles
452112_L2046020461 Toys, including wheel goods
452112_L2046020462 Games, including video & electronic games
452112_L2046020463 Hobby goods
452112_L20490 Optical goods, including eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, etc.
452112_L20500 Sporting goods, including saddlery, boats, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), golf cars, & other motorized sport vehicles, bicycles, parts & accessories, etc.
452112_L2050020506 Exercise/fitness equipment
452112_L2050020507 Firearms, hunting equipment, & supplies
452112_L2050020508 Fishing tackle, including bait
452112_L2050020509 Camping & backpacking equipment & supplies
452112_L2050020512 Bicycles, parts & accessories
452112_L2050020519 Boats, motors, parts & accessories
452112_L2050020526 All other sporting goods, including snowmobiles, go-carts, etc.
452112_L20600 Hardware, tools, & plumbing & electrical supplies, including ceiling fans & light fixtures
452112_L20620 Lawn, garden, & farm equipment & supplies; cut flowers; plants & shrubs; fertilizers; animal feed, other than for pets; etc.
452112_L2062020621 Cut flowers
452112_L2062020626 Indoor potted plants & floral items
452112_L2062020627 Outdoor nursery stock, including trees, shrubs, bedding plants, bulbs, sod, seeds, etc.
452112_L2062020628 Fertilizer, lime, chemicals, & other soil treatments
452112_L2062020631 Lawn & garden tools
452112_L2062020636 Lawn & garden machinery, equipment, & parts
452112_L2062020637 Farm machinery, equipment, & parts
452112_L2062020638 All other farm supplies, including grain & animal feed
452112_L2062020639 All other lawn & garden supplies, including fencing, irrigation equipment, & sprinklers
452112_L20670 Paint & sundries
452112_L20720 Automotive fuels
452112_L20730 Automotive lubricants, including oil, greases, etc.
452112_L20740 Automotive tires, tubes, batteries, parts, accessories
452112_L2074020741 Automotive tires & tubes
452112_L2074020742 Automotive parts (over-the-counter), accessories, & sundry supplies, including polishes, paint, decorative items, etc.
452112_L2074020749 Storage batteries
452112_L20780 Household fuels, including oil, LP gas, wood, coal
452112_L20800 Pets, pet foods, & pet supplies
452112_L20850 All other merchandise
452112_L2085020851 Stationery products, including stationery, tablets, pads, & related products
452112_L2085020852 Office paper, including computer printer, copier, fax, & typewriter cut sheet paper
452112_L2085020853 Office & school supplies
452112_L2085020854 Office equipment, including fax machines, dictaphones, copying machines, calculating machines, etc.
452112_L2085020855 Greeting cards
452112_L2085020856 Magazines & newspapers
452112_L2085020859 Luggage & leather goods
452112_L2085020865 Telephones
452112_L2085020877 Souvenirs & novelty items, including fruit & gourmet food baskets & pre-filled balloons
452112_L2085020878 Seasonal decorations, including decorative plates, napkins, & cups
452112_L2085020883 All other merchandise
452112_L29810 All other merchandise
452112_L29900 All nonmerch rcpts, incl all rcpts from customers for parts installed in repair & charges for dely, repair, maint, storage, installation, on-site const, rental/lease of tools/equip & oth svc provided
452112_L2990029904 Labor charges for work perf by this estab, incl alteration charges; charges for auto & oth rep, maint, install, const, alteration, etc.; rcpts from landscaping; & rcpts from heater rep/install
452112_L2990029907 Parts installed in repair
452112_L2990029943 Value of service contracts
452112_L2990029968 All other nonmerchandise receipts, including charges for storage, rental or lease of tools & equipment, photofinishing, formal wear rental, carpet cleaning, etc.

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