Camera & photographic supplies stores Lines




Camera and photographic supplies stores Product Lines

443130_L20320 Televisions, video recorders, video cameras, video tapes, DVDs, etc., including electronic game/DVD combination devices, parts, & accessories
443130_L2032020321 Televisions
443130_L2032020322 Video recorders & cameras, & electronic game/DVD combination devices
443130_L2032020323 Video tapes, laser discs, & DVDs
443130_L20330 Audio equipment, musical instruments, radios, stereos, compact discs, records, tapes, audio tape books, sheet music, accessories
443130_L2033020331 Audio equipment, components, parts, accessories, including radios, stereos, tape recorders & players, compact disc players, & other sound reinforcement and recording equipment
443130_L2033020335 Records, tapes, audio tape books, & compact discs
443130_L20370 Computer hardware, software, & supplies, including computer game software
443130_L2037020375 Computer & peripheral equipment
443130_L2037020376 Prepackaged (off-the-shelf) computer software
443130_L20380 Kitchenware & home furn, incl cookware, cooking access, dinnerware, glassware, giftware, decorative access & lighting, clocks, mirrors, closet & bathroom access, outdoor charcoal grills, planters, etc
443130_L20420 Books
443130_L20440 Photographic equipment & supplies
443130_L20460 Toys, hobby goods, & games, including stuffed animals, video & electronic games, electronic game devices, & wheel goods, except bicycles
443130_L20490 Optical goods, including eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, etc.
443130_L20850 All other merchandise
443130_L2085020856 Magazines & newspapers
443130_L2085020865 Telephones
443130_L2085020883 All other merchandise
443130_L29810 All other merchandise
443130_L29900 All nonmerch rcpts, incl all rcpts from customers for parts installed in repair & charges for dely, repair, maint, storage, installation, on-site const, rental/lease of tools/equip & oth svc provided
443130_L2990029904 Labor charges for work perf by this estab, incl alteration charges; charges for auto & oth rep, maint, install, const, alteration, etc.; rcpts from landscaping; & rcpts from heater rep/install
443130_L2990029905 Labor charges for work contracted out to other establishments
443130_L2990029907 Parts installed in repair
443130_L2990029912 Receipts from video tape, DVD, video/DVD player, video recorder, laser disc, laser disc player, electronic game, & electronic game device rentals
443130_L2990029917 Receipts from photofinishing performed by this establishment
443130_L2990029918 Receipts from photofinishing contracted out to other establishments
443130_L2990029924 Rental or lease of appliances, stereos, televisions, photographic equipment, etc.
443130_L2990029943 Value of service contracts
443130_L2990029956 All other nonmerchandise receipts, including charges for delivery, maintenance, storage, etc.

The Report entitled, Camera & photographic supplies stores Lines (Ref: 443130 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.