Window treatment stores Lines




Window treatment stores Product Lines

442291_L20200 Men's wear
442291_L20220 Women's, juniors', & misses' wear
442291_L20240 Children's wear, including boys' (sizes 2 to 7 & 8 to 20), girls' (sizes 4 to 6x & 7 to 14), & infants' & toddlers' clothing & accessories
442291_L20270 Sewing, knitting materials & supplies, needlework goods, including fabrics, patterns, sewing supplies, notions, yarns, laces, trimmings, needlework kits, etc.
442291_L20280 Curtains, draperies, blinds, slipcovers, bed & table coverings
442291_L2028020281 Curtains & draperies
442291_L2028020282 Vertical & horizontal blinds, woven wood blinds, & shades
442291_L2028020283 Furniture coverings, including ready-made & custom-made
442291_L2028020284 Domestics, including towels, sheets, blankets, table linens & coverings, etc.
442291_L20300 Major household appl, incl vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, room air-conditioners, dishwashers, ranges, microwaves, washers & dryers, outdoor gas grills, etc.
442291_L20340 Furniture, sleep equipment & outdoor/patio furniture
442291_L20360 Flooring & floor coverings
442291_L2036020361 Soft-surface (textile) floor coverings & accessories
442291_L2036020363 Hardwood flooring
442291_L2036020364 Other hard-surface floor coverings & accessories, including tile & sheet goods
442291_L20380 Kitchenware & home furn, incl cookware, cooking access, dinnerware, glassware, giftware, decorative access & lighting, clocks, mirrors, closet & bathroom access, outdoor charcoal grills, planters, etc
442291_L2038020381 Cookware & cooking accessories, including strainers, sifters, grinders, cutlery, canning supplies, etc.
442291_L2038020382 Dinnerware, china, glassware, tableware, giftware, including all flatware & holloware
442291_L2038020383 Decorative accessories, including lamps, lampshades, mirrors, pictures, picture frames, clocks, magazine racks, spice racks, desk sets, etc.
442291_L2038020384 All other kitchenware & home furnishings, including closet & bathroom accessories, etc.
442291_L20600 Hardware, tools, & plumbing & electrical supplies, including ceiling fans & light fixtures
442291_L20640 Dimensional lumber & other building/structural materials & supplies, including heating stoves & prefabricated fireplaces; spas, hot tubs, & saunas; stock kitchen & bathroom cabinets to be installed
442291_L20670 Paint & sundries
442291_L20690 Wallpaper & other flexible wallcoverings
442291_L20850 All other merchandise
442291_L2085020863 Art goods, including original pictures & sculptures
442291_L2085020877 Souvenirs & novelty items, including fruit & gourmet food baskets & pre-filled balloons
442291_L2085020878 Seasonal decorations, including decorative plates, napkins, & cups
442291_L2085020879 Artificial/silk flowers, plants, & trees
442291_L2085020883 All other merchandise
442291_L29810 All other merchandise
442291_L29900 All nonmerch rcpts, incl all rcpts from customers for parts installed in repair & charges for dely, repair, maint, storage, installation, on-site const, rental/lease of tools/equip & oth svc provided
442291_L2990029904 Labor charges for work perf by this estab, incl alteration charges; charges for auto & oth rep, maint, install, const, alteration, etc.; rcpts from landscaping; & rcpts from heater rep/install
442291_L2990029905 Labor charges for work contracted out to other establishments
442291_L2990029908 Parts & materials used in furniture repair or upholstery work
442291_L2990029911 Delivery & installation charges
442291_L2990029935 Carpet repair receipts & other labor charges for repair work performed by this establishment
442291_L2990029972 All other nonmerchandise receipts, including receipts from customers for storage, rental, etc.

The Report entitled, Window treatment stores Lines (Ref: 442291 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.