Farm products raw materials agents & brokers Lines




Farm product raw material agents and brokers Product Lines

42512045_L1490014911 Corn, excluding corn grown for silage
42512045_L1490014912 Oats and barley
42512045_L1490014913 Wheat
42512045_L1490014914 Sorghum, excluding sorghum grown for silage
42512045_L1490014915 Soybeans
42512045_L1490014916 Seeds and other grains, beans, and rice
42512045_L1500015011 Cattle
42512045_L1500015012 Hogs or equivalant
42512045_L1500015013 Sheep
42512045_L1500015014 Goats
42512045_L1512015122 All other leaf tobacco
42512045_L1514015142 Horses, mules, and donkeys
42512045_L1514015143 Other inedible farm products
42512045_L1580015811 Hay and straw
42512045_L1580015812 Poultry and livestock feeds, including silage, not mixed on location
42512045_L1580015818 Other farm supplies, including harness and saddlery equipment

The Report entitled, Farm products raw materials agents & brokers Lines (Ref: 42512045 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.