Warm air heating & AC equipment merchant wholesalers Lines




Warm air heating and air-conditioning equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers Product Lines

42373_L10530 Flooring and floor coverings
42373_L10620 Plywood and millwork
42373_L1062010621 Softwood plywood, softwood veneer, and oriented strand board (OSB)
42373_L1062010623 Gypsum, waterboard, and other specialty boards
42373_L1062010624 Wood millwork, including moldings, doors, windows, and cabinets
42373_L1062010625 Metal millwork
42373_L10700 Concrete, cement, sand, gravel, stone, brick, block, and tile
42373_L10720 Nonwood roofing, nonwood siding, and insulation materials
42373_L1072010721 Nonwood roofing
42373_L1072010723 Insulation materials
42373_L10740 Other construction products and materials
42373_L10950 Packaged computer software, including game software and cartridges
42373_L10960 Restaurant and hotel equipment and supplies
42373_L11120 Flat iron and steel products
42373_L11140 Iron and steel wire and wire products
42373_L11150 Iron and steel pipes and tubing
42373_L11170 Alloy steel
42373_L11200 Copper and brass
42373_L11220 Aluminum shapes and forms, including pipes and tubing
42373_L11400 Electrical apparatus and equipment
42373_L11500 Electric household appliances, including gas clothes dryers
42373_L11600 Electronic parts and equipment, excluding communications equipment
42373_L11700 Hardware
42373_L1170011711 Hand tools, including power driven tools
42373_L1170011712 Bolts, nuts, rivets, and other fasteners, excluding nails
42373_L1170011713 Cutlery
42373_L11800 Plumbing and hydronic heating equipment and supplies, including gas appliances and water heaters
42373_L1180011811 Plastic pipe fittings and valves, excluding pipes and tubing
42373_L1180011812 Metal pipe fittings and valves, excluding pipes and tubing
42373_L1180011813 Plumbing fixtures
42373_L1180011814 Hydronic and gas furnaces, stoves, water heaters, excluding electric
42373_L1180011815 Boilers, radiators, and convectors
42373_L1180011818 Other plumbing and heating equipment and supplies
42373_L11900 Forced air heating and air-conditioning equipment and supplies
42373_L1190011911 Forced air furnaces
42373_L1190011912 Central air-conditioners
42373_L1190011914 Heat pumps
42373_L1190011916 Air cleaning and filtration systems
42373_L1190011917 Compressors for air-conditioners
42373_L1190011918 Condensing units for air-conditioners
42373_L1190011919 Registers, grills, duct insulation, and pre-formed ductwork, excluding unformed sheet metal
42373_L12000 Refrigeration equipment and supplies, including commercial refrigerators
42373_L1200012011 Commercial refrigerators
42373_L1200012012 Unit coolers for commercial refrigerators
42373_L1200012013 Condensing units for commercial refrigerators
42373_L1200012014 Refrigerants
42373_L1200012015 Other commercial refrigeration equipment and supplies
42373_L12320 General-purpose industrial machinery, equipment, and parts
42373_L12330 Metalworking machinery, equipment, and parts
42373_L12340 Materials handling machinery, equipment, and parts
42373_L12360 Other industrial machinery, equipment, and parts
42373_L12430 Other hydraulic and pneumatic accessories and parts
42373_L12440 Welding supplies, excluding gases
42373_L12450 Industrial containers and supplies
42373_L12460 Abrasives, strapping, tapes, inks, and mechanical rubber goods
42373_L12700 Sporting and recreational goods and supplies
42373_L15300 Plastics materials and basic shapes
42373_L15330 Chemicals and allied products, excluding agricultural chemicals, plastics, industrial and natural gases, liquefied petroleum (LP), and petroleum
42373_L15400 Refined petroleum products, excluding liquefied petroleum (LP)
42373_L16000 Paint, paint supplies, wallpaper, and wallpaper supplies
42373_L19700 Service receipts and labor charges, including installed parts
42373_L1970019701 Labor charges for repair work
42373_L1970019702 Parts installed in repair work
42373_L1970019703 Other service receipts and labor charges
42373_L19720 Receipts for service contracts
42373_L19740 Receipts for installing equipment
42373_L19810 Miscellaneous commodities
42373_L19940 Rental and operating lease receipts
42373_L19950 Construction receipts

The Report entitled, Warm air heating & AC equipment merchant wholesalers Lines (Ref: 42373 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.