Household & lawn furniture merchant wholesalers Lines




Household and lawn furniture merchant wholesalers Product Lines

4232101_L1040010411 Upholstered furniture
4232101_L1040010412 Mattresses and beds
4232101_L1040010413 Lawn and outdoor furniture
4232101_L1040010414 Other furniture, including sleep sofas
4232101_L1042010421 New wooden and metal office furniture
4232101_L1042010422 New store and restaurant furniture
4232101_L1042010423 New public furniture, including theater seats, church pews, park benches, and school desks
4232101_L1042010424 Used office and business furniture
4232101_L1052010521 Bedspreads, blankets, and bedding
4232101_L1052010522 Curtains and draperies
4232101_L1052010523 Shades and blinds
4232101_L1052010524 Towels and washcloths
4232101_L1052010525 Other linens and domestics
4232101_L1053010531 Rugs and carpeting
4232101_L1053010532 Hardwood flooring
4232101_L1053010533 Other hard-surface floor coverings and accessories, including tile and sheet goods
4232101_L1054010541 Metal flatware and kitchen utensils
4232101_L1054010542 Mirrors, lamps, and picture frames
4232101_L1054010543 Other home furnishings
4232101_L1280012812 Other toys and games, including children's vehicles
4232101_L1280012814 Other hobby goods and accessories
4232101_L1315013153 Works of art
4232101_L1360013611 Goods purchased gray and finished on contract
4232101_L1360013616 Other piece goods
4232101_L1612016121 Art goods
4232101_L1612016122 Novelties and souvenirs
4232101_L1970019701 Labor charges for repair work
4232101_L1970019702 Parts installed in repair work
4232101_L1970019703 Other service receipts and labor charges

The Report entitled, Household & lawn furniture merchant wholesalers Lines (Ref: 4232101 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.