SIC code reports

If the report is a  2-Digit  code report then the report will include a breakdown of all the 3-Digit products;  if a 3-Digit code report is given then the report will contain a breakdown of all the 4-Digit products;  a 4-Digit code report will give a breakdown by all the 5-Digit products and a 5-Digit code report will provide a breakdown by each 7-Digit products.

For Example:- 








371: Motor Vehicles



372: Aircraft     

3711: Vehicles + Cars 

373: Ships & Boats 

3713: Truck + Bus Bodies

37111: Passenger Cars


374: Railroad Equip

3714: Motor Vehicle Parts

37112: Trucks + Chassis


If a 7-Digit code is ordered then

a further breakdown is possible:

375: Motor-Cycles

3715: Truck Trailers

37113: Buses & Fire Vehicles

3711211: Trucks: <= 6000 lbs

376: Guided Missiles

37114: Combat Vehicles

3711213: Trucks: 6001-10000 lbs

For example:-

379: Misc. Trans. Equip.

37115: Car Bodies

3711215: Trucks: 10001-14000lbs

By Body Type

3711217: Trucks: 14001-1600 lbs

By End User group

3711221: Trucks: 16001-19500lbs

By Application (Urban, Inter-city, et al)

3711223: Trucks: 19501-26000lbs

3711225: Trucks: 26001-33000lbs

By Truck Operator, Fleet Size, et al

3711227: Trucks: 33001-44000lbs

3711228: Trucks:> 44001 lbs

3711231: Body type: Pick-up


3711232: Body type: Passenger

3711233: Body type: Panel

3711235: Body type: Multi-stop

3711237: Body type: Van

3711234: Body: Motor Home: A

3711236: Body: Motor Home: B

3711239: Body: Motor Home: C

3711241: Body: Station Wagon 

3711245: Body: General Utility

3711248: Body: Other Bodies

3711253: Truck Chassis: with Cab

3711255: Truck Chassis: no Cab


Obviously many breakdowns and correlations can be achieved by accessing a number of databases and thus readers can obtain data on very exact industries, product and markets.

In this way a client can go deeper and deeper into the database. This depth and detail of information is unique to the publishers. No other database company or publisher can offer such an exceptional service.

These reports are called PRODUCT SECTOR REPORTS and there are about 40,000 Product Sectors Reports available.

In addition to the Product and Industry reports we can correlate data with the Market reports and the Materials reports.

This database approach gives a tremendous amount of flexibility in the acquisition of data and precise market information.